A Relationship Timeline Through Quotes...

Skye: Come on. Give me a reason, hmm? I'd love nothing better than to pump a few holes into your smug, blackmailing hide.
Coleman: You want me to leave? I was almost out the door. Stay? I mean, we can work that out, too?
Skye: I will kill you, I swear it!
Coleman: No, you won't.
Skye: I'll get away with it, too, you know. I will. I'm a woman, out here alone, vulnerable in this remote location. I heard a noise, I was frightened, an intruder --
Coleman: You're no threat to anybody but yourself, honey. I mean, there was Alcazar, may he rest in peace, and fortunately, there's no balcony you can throw me off of, so come on, just, you know, put the -- put the gun down, stop with the "poor little rich girl" act.
Skye: Oh, keep coming, keep talking.
Coleman: Yeah?
Coleman: You want to blow me away, rich girl? There you go. You think you can? Huh? Yeah. Want to give it a try? It's ok, it's ok. Go ahead. Blow me away. Come on.
Coleman: But you can't do it with this. Now you show me what you got. (December 13, 2002)

Skye: Tell me I just didn't have sex with a lowlife stalker.
Coleman: Your brother stalked Courtney, not me. I was just the messenger. And besides, things could be a lot worse.
Skye: How?
Coleman: Ok? Well, I could turn you over to the cops for killing Alcazar.
Skye: I didn't kill Alcazar.
Coleman: Or you know what? You could be stuck spinning plots with your loser brother, the one-man ticket to nowhere.
Skye: Hey, wait a minute! Excuse me! No. I don't know how this thing all happened, ok?
Coleman: Well, I'll be happy to remind you how it happened.
Skye: No, but a lapse in judgment does not give you the right to call my brother a loser, ok? Yes, A.J. has issues, but he also happens to be one of the best men that I have ever known, all right?
Coleman: Spare me, come on. And be glad I spared you, too, ok? One of A.J.'s issues is a very poor grasp of details, ok? Teaming up with him nearly got me killed.
Coleman: You're a bad girl, Skye. You do bad things. And what you need is a partner who's your equal.
Skye: You're repulsive.
Coleman: That's what they all say at first.
Skye: Besides, why should I ever trust you?
Coleman: Probably the only reason that matters. I'm all you've got. Hmm? (December 13, 2002)

Alan: How do you know my daughter?
Coleman: Let's just say fate threw her in my path, Sir.
Alan: Are you two seeing each other?
Coleman: We've spent some quality time together, right, Skye?
Skye: Right-o, Cole.
Alan: That's funny -- you don't even seem remotely like my daughter's type.
Coleman: Well, tastes change, Sir. (December 20, 2002).

Coleman: I'm your friend.
Skye: Right. Let's see, only when I can give you what you want, like a little quickie sex or maybe some access to people with some money?
Coleman: Yeah, well, that's the definition of friendship -- I scratch your back and you scratch mine.
Skye: When exactly did you "scratch mine"?
Coleman: Well, I think I took the rap for you when you hit Nikolas Cassadine with your car, didn't I? And I think I literally saved your life when you were passed-out drunk --
Skye: Yeah, ok --
Coleman: Freezing on a park bench --
Skye: All right, yes, you've been decent to me once or twice, it's true... (January 8, 2003)

Skye: Hmm. What is that all about? Protecting my privacy?
Coleman: Oh, yeah. That's what I'm about to protect.
Skye: Oh, please. Listen, I will take cheap booze over cheap pity anytime, all right? Tonight the heartache's on me.
Coleman: So what happened?
Skye: Well, the same thing that always happens -- love's left me high and dry for someone it considers more deserving. You know, I'd like to think that love is a myth, you know, that never really exists. But it's not true. I had it. I really had it. But I had to watch it ripped away from me by that little tramp.
Coleman: God --
Skye: Oh, no, love -- love is for the blessed, the pure, the righteous. Yeah. People like Jax and Brenda. Me? I get the consolation prize -- money, power, murder charges.
Coleman: And me.
Skye: That supposed to make me feel better?
Coleman: Are you always so flattering?
Skye: I suppose I could do worse. I mean, after all, you're a sleaze and you admit it. You don't pretend to be wonderful.
Coleman: Yeah. That's one of the good things about me. But if I'm a sleaze, you know, that makes you a -- I guess a sleazette, right? And I am wonderful. So, you want to take a shot?
Skye: You want a shot?
Coleman: You take disappointment well.
Skye: Yeah, well, Jax and Brenda aren't married yet.
Coleman: So, this is about --
Skye: Payback. (February 13, 2003)

Skye: We -- we canít do this.
Coleman: We do this pretty damn well.
Skye: That may be true. Ok, *is* true, *is* true. But what matters is that Jax is out there somewhere, hurt, angry, and most important, alone. This is the opportunity Iíve been waiting for. Youíre not backing out of the plan, are you?
Coleman: I donít mean to sound possessive, but we could have a helluva lot more fun right here.
Skye: "Fun" is not the objective.
Coleman: I know the objective. I just donít think your ex-husband is worth the trouble. (February 19, 2003)

Coleman: Well, I'm just saying that, you know, it doesn't show.
Skye: What doesn't?
Coleman: All the drinking. A lot of alcoholics look like hell. So, you feel like you're maybe turning a little corner, getting the old life back in control?
Skye: If I were getting my life back in control, I wouldn't still be sleeping with you.
Coleman: I think you would. As a matter of fact, we'd be doing it right now instead of sitting here waiting for... (February 19, 2003)

Coleman: I see. Well, you know, if you're done soaking up the ambiance, why don't we slide on back to Jake's? Maybe we can -- I don't know -- shoot a game of pool or something.
Skye: You know, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Personally, I think hell is a place you choose to go, and no one's going to pull you out until you're ready to leave.
Skye: Let's go find that pool table, shall we? (March 5, 2003)

Luke: I've looked into you. You tried to rip off E.L.Q. From Edward when you thought he was your granddaddy.
Skye: Well, that was before I changed my ways. I don't lie, cheat, or steal anymore -- at least I try not to -- and I haven't had a drink in months. And I certainly do not hang out with felons or waste my time in sleaze joints like this place--
Coleman: Long time no see, Skye. Hi. It's about time you started slumming again. I missed your sweet face.
Coleman: So, are -- are you off the wagon again or you just testing your resolve today?
Skye: Well, uh, actually, it's a little more complicated than that.
Coleman: Come on, we were never all that complicated, were we? (October 21, 2003)

Coleman: Seltzer with lime, just how you like it.
Skye: Oh -- thanks.
Coleman: Merry Christmas.
Skye: Oh, right. You, too.
Luke: I think he likes you.
Skye: Yeah, well, he's not as bad as he seems -- sometimes. (December 22, 2003)

Edward: What happened to dinner?
Skye: And what is *he* doing here?
Dillon: He dropped Sage off and gave me a ride home from the Grill.
Tracy: Do we want him to know where we live?
Coleman: You know, the party's just getting started down at Jake's, I mean, if you guys are interested, but -- you know what? You'll have to pay a cover charge, so --
Ned: Hey, Dillon?
Dillon: Yeah?
Ned: Next time you need a ride, just call me.
Coleman: Hey, man, it is great -- it's great seeing you, all of you. Happy new year, huh? And *you* are looking good. Take it easy, Neddy.
Tracy: Skye?
Coleman: Adios.
Tracy: You and *that*?
Skye: Well! I have no idea what you mean... (December 31, 2003)

(December 31, 2003)

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