Fan fiction featuring Skye and Coleman. These characters are not ours and we're not making profit. Some stories may be rated 'R' or 'NC-17', note that in each story's header and then use your discretion. We don't like serving underage patrons. We like our liquor license. You dig?

Angels With Dirty Faces by mala.

The Crooked Thing by mala.

Default by mala.

Elegy by mala. (NEW)

The Fool's Parade by mala.

Generation by mala.

Her Renegade by Rameybella.

Hidden White Knight by Lola. (off-site link)

Human Touch by Lily. (off-site link)

Just This Once by mala.

Kodak Moment by mala.

Landfill by mala.

The Love Song of Archie the Gardener by mala.

Magnolia by mala. (NEW)

Que Sera Sera by mala.

Seeing Green by mala.

Symbiosis by mala.

Three Blind Mice by mala.

Treat by mala.

Two Truths and a Lie by mala.

Weep Not for the Memories by mala.

Where The Heart Is by mala.

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