Skye Chandler - Antoinette "Skye" Patterson came to Pine Valley in 1986, where it was revealed that she was the daughter of town powerhouse Adam Chandler by his first wife, Althea. However, over the next seventeen years, Skye was bounced from man to man and family to family, recently learning that her biological mother is Llanview psychologist Rae Cummings. Port Charles millionaire Edward Quartermaine, thinking his son Alan the baby's father, had her quietly sold away at birth. However, even that revelation gave Skye only temporary Rae was coerced by Skye's "aunt" Tracy into revealing that would-be medical student Alan did *not* father her child. Now, Skye doesn't know quite where she belongs.

Married four times, most recently to Port Charles playboy Jasper Jacks, Skye turns to men and alcohol when the going gets tough and not necessarily in that order. She's known some very good Tom Cudahy, Jeremy Hunter, and Jax...and she's known some very bad Will Cortlandt, Jonathan Kinder, and Luis Alcazar. Most recently, Skye tried to find security and a sense of family with her ex-cousin Ned Ashton and his baby daughter, Kristina...but the lure of adventure and business dealings with Port Charles's legendary Luke Spencer has drawn her back into the world where Coleman lives...

World Weary Wisdom: "You think that, ok, just this once, that it'll be good, no complications, no pain. And then you wake up with this person, this stranger -- and, believe me, everybody looks worse in the morning -- and you close your eyes and you open them and he's still there, and you realize you don't even know how this person likes his coffee. Believe me, it costs you more than you think."

Coleman - Introduced in late 2002 as the owner of The Oasis, a strip club on the shadier side of Port Charles, Coleman was none too happy when a drunk AJ Quartermaine plowed his car into his establishment. When the alcoholic's sweet and devoted wife Courtney offered to do *anything* to help pay for the damages and keep her husband out of jail...this entrepreneur saw dollar signs where her pasties would eventually be.

His exploitation of Courtney led to a "suspicious fire" (set by our resident firebug, AJ) that destroyed the Oasis and he had to find a new source of income. Blackmail proved to be his modus operandi as he worked his way around the various high society citizens of Port Charles and found himself clashing with the desperate, needy, Skye Quartermaine in a brief but hot affair. He owns Jake's, a legitimate bar and pool hall and is the go-to-guy for the residents of PC when they need to get slightly illegal things done. A position that has spun him right back into Skye's orbit...

World Weary Wisdom:"You know, Man, I have always wondered what it'd be like to grow up in a place like this [the Quartermaine mansion], you know, surrounded by the best of everything and -- I just -- I somehow thought it'd make you better, you know, round out the edges and stuff and -- then I met you guys." --12/20/04.

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