Title: "Playing With Ice"
Author: Mala
E-mail: malisita@yahoo.com
Spoilers: A little of "LFN" S3, "Playing with Fire"
Rating/Classification: 'R', Ma/W, POV, angst, physicality, language .
Disclaimer: I don't own them, etc.
Summary: Short fic about their past in Section.

"Walter, you're a 60-year-old teenager."
--Madaleine, "Playing With Fire"

Her eyes danced when she said it and I saw a little bit of the old Maddy. The girl she used to be when she first came here. Full of coy smiles and throaty, sexy, laughs. Even as I left her office agreeing to smile and eat shit . . . *cooperate*, I knew that she was remembering the old days. When she'd been as young and needy for love as Nikita and Michael. When her soul hadn't belonged to Paul and Section One. When she'd known how to live.


"Walter, you're a thirty-five year-old teenager," she chuckles, leaning across his station to brush a kiss across his cheek.

His pulse leaps and he has to shake his head to brush off the effect of her witchy brown eyes. "But you love me this way, Sugar. You wouldn't want me to change," he reminds her flirtatiously.

"Never," she agrees, swiping the panel he's trying to program out of his hands. Her lips curve into a sensual smile as she looks at the profile. "Operations and Paul are very serious about this mission. They project a complete P.O.S."

He delicately takes the panel back, brushing the back of her slender hand with his fingers. "Operations and Paul don't know the meaning of *fun*. All work and no play makes Walter a dull boy." He waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Maddy throws back her head and gives that laugh. . .that low, kittenish purr that makes every nerve ending in his body flatten out like he's just toked the purest hash. "Well, then its a good thing you're leading the team. I'm sure we'll have plenty of *fun*."

"Oh, yeah, Sugar," he drawls. . .thinking of stripping off her mission gear and kissing her quiet. Of shoving her up against a wall with her hands above her head as he kisses his way down her soft, white stomach. Of listening to her gasp his name and laugh some more.

So far, Operations hadn't noticed the gaps in their panels. . .and no one in Comm. had the talent to find the encrypted liaison plans anyway. So as long as they bagged their targets, no one was going to care if he and this gorgeous creature made with the free love that was sweeping all parts of the world except Section One.

She looks one way and then the other. . .checking to see if any other operatives are about. And then she leans forward and kisses him again. This time planting one right on his lips. Bold as brass, Miss Madaleine. "See you at egress."

"See you," he replies numbly, watching her walk out of the alcove. . . swaying her hips in those sexy little mission pants. His mouth tingles. . . and he can't wait to go out. . .shoot some people. . . get shot at. . .and kiss her again.


Yeah, she remembered. How else would she know how to catch Michael and Nikita doing the exact same thing we used to? She smiles at me and her eyes dance, but she belongs to Section's world now. A lot has changed in 25 years. I'm still a teenager. . .and my Maddy is old and dead inside.

--The End.--

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