At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!

"Before & After"

--In an alternate future where things go horribly wrong at the Eagle Rock military base, Isabel, Jim, Kyle, Tess, and Maria, are left to cope as best they can.

"Before Dawn"--Isabel has been captured by the FBI after a harrowing series of tragedies. How will she survive?(SAC, V/I-ish, AU, POV character deaths, angst)
"Before I Sleep"--Isabel reflects on life with a man who isn't really hers.(SAC, angst, V/I, AU, POV)
"Before I Wake"--When Michelle Valenti returns, Isabel's perfect world tilts.(SAC, AU V/I, angst, POV)
"Between Light & Dark"--Maria, now an embittered club singer, remembers what she aches to forget.(AC, AU, MD/MG, angst, POV)
"Between Life & Death"--Maria's downward spiral continues at a rapid pace as she anticipates the end.(AC, AU, MD/MG, angst, POV)
"After the Night"--Kyle thinks about how he and Tess survived the past.(AC, AU, K/T, angst, POV)
"After Destiny"--Tess reflects on the the life she never expected to have.(SAC, AU, K/T, angst, POV)

"The Daisy Chain"

--Part of a multi-author future series that looks at the aftermath of Tess's death. For the whole series, go to CrashDown Fic

"Quake"-- The aftermath of Tess's death through Max's eyes.(SAC, Max POV, AU, character death, angst)
"He Walked Away"--The aftermath of Tess's death through Valenti's eyes.(SAC, Jim POV, AU, character death, angst)

"The Forever in Now"

--Valenti reaches out to another outsider and, together, they find a little understanding and empathy.

"Melting the Ice"--Jim finds a connection with Tess Harding that intrigues him.(SAC, Jim POV, V/T-ish, angst)
"Anywhere But Here"--Tess thinks about where she wants to be and who she is.(SAC, Tess POV, V/T-ish, angst)


--After "Meet the Dupes", two clones have oddly similar, yet different, thoughts.

"Silent Lucidity"--Ava contemplates her life.(AC, Ava POV, K/T-ish, angst)
"Lucidity Silent"--Tess contemplates her life.(AC, Tess POV, K/T-ish, M/T-ish, angst)

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