At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!

"Agni Pariksha"--Someone contemplates the purity of fire.(AC, angst, implied solo.)
"An Open Page"--After "HTOHL", Jim thinks about why he'll always answer the phone late at night.(NAC, V/I-ish, angst)
"Anything"--Maria thinks about 26 sentences, each starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet.(SAC, MG/MD, humor, angst)
"Bella Maria"--In the post-"Destiny" future, Michael thinks about the woman he loves. (SAC, MG/MD, songfic, angst, character death)
"Beautiful"--Maria copes with impending motherhood and the death and birth of love.(SAC, MD/BD, MD/MG, angst, sap, romance.)
"Bitch Envy"--Isabel and Maria star in an allegory for fandom politics and friendships.(SAC, humor, angst.)
"The Cat & The Fiddle"--A filler scene for "Skin & Bones" Nasedo views his trysts with Whittaker.(AC, N/W, smut, angst)
"Chocolate Promises"--Inspired by stories from Laure and shimi. Liz thinks about her twisted, bittersweet, affair with Nasedo.(AC, LP/N, angst, POV)
"Comfort Food"--What or who does Michael want most?(SAC, MG/MD, angst, POV)
"Destiny's Child"--Maria finally understands the consequences of disobeying one's destiny.(AC, MD/MG, M/L, K/T, AU, severe angst, tissue warning, miscarriage)
"Destroyer of Worlds"--It is the home planet, and a wife and husband contemplate their destiny.(SAC, M/T-ish, pastfic, angst)

"Die, Tess. Die."--Maria and Liz get their fondest wish,but at what price?(SAC, MG/MD, V, angst, POV)
"The Doorways to a Thousand Churches"--It is the future, and Max Evans walks through a door to his past.(AC, M/L, M/T, angst, songfic)
"Every Girl's Fantasy?"--Michael Guerin is a rebel no one can resist.(SAC, MG/?, angst, POV)
"The Falling Dream"--After "Destiny", Nasedo confronts Liz.(SAC,angst, Nasedo POV & Liz POV)
"The Fault Line"--Someone's got Michael lust!(AC,MG/MD or MG/LP, POV)
"First"--A companion piece to "Second" by Mere G. Max thinks about Michael after "VLV".(SAC, Max POV, ME/MG, angst, slash.)
"For Eternity"--A filler scene for "ITL&ITB". As Max and Tess further their destiny, Max's true feelings are revealed.(SAC, Max POV, angst, sexual situation, twist.)
"Forever Blue"--Michael and Maria both face some anguish after "Heat Wave"(AC, MG/MD, angst, sexual hints)
"Golden Boy"--Before "ID4", Michael gives a thought to life with Hank.(SAC, angst, POV)
"He Who Fights With Monsters"--Max gives his identity some serious contemplation.(SAC, Max POV, implied smut, slash, angst)
"Household Safety"--After the "Toy House", Isabel gives Valenti a view of the future he could cause.(SAC, angst,violence)
"I Spy"--Jim Valenti has an encounter that changes his life.(SAC, V/?, angst, smutty thoughts)
"Last On Earth"--What if something had happened before Isabel opened the "nookie motel" room's door?(SAC,MG/MD, banter)
"the little green man's curse"--Shortly after episode 312, Kyle experiences some changes.(SAC, K/M-ish, angst, slashy, shmoop)
"Love Lies Bleeding"--Liz will save the man she loves from a perceived threat at any cost.(AC, M/L, K/T, angst, character death, adult situations)
"Native Tongue"--Tess thinks about the loss of an unspoken heritage.(NAC, Tess POV, angst)
"Needs"--Its a rough day of realizations for Kyle and for Alex.(AC, K/I & A/I-ish, angst, strong language, sexual situations.)
"Not on My Watch"--After "Crazy", Isabel does a little dreamwalking.(NAC,V, angst)
"On Your Mark"--"Blind Date" and "Destiny" glossed over Max and Kyle's deeper connection.(AC, M/K, slash, angst)
"Once Upon a Time"--After Sydney's Christmas miracle, Maria and Brody think about believing in fairy tales(NAC, MD/MG-ish, MD/B-ish, angst, sap)
"Petals"--A filler scene for "HoM". Tess, Max, kisses, and memory.(NAC, M/T, angst, sap, romance.)
"Propagation"--(AC, M/T or Mi/I, sap, spoilers for "Four Square")
"The Rainmaker"--Pre-Season 2 angst for Max as he thinks about his 'd-word'.(SAC, Max POV,songfic, angst, humor.)
"The Right to Remain Silent"--Amy DeLuca gives thought to a very old bond and the secret attached to it..(SAC, A/V, angst)
"Say Good-Bye"--A cut scene from "Destiny" reveals Michael and Maria's unseen turmoil.(NAC, V, MG/MD, angst)
"The Seekers"--A five part, post-S2, crossover with "Days of Our Lives." What do the voices in Brady Black's head have to do with the "Roswell" gang?(AC, BB/CL, Ki/Vi, angst, language, crossover.)
"Shatter"--Kyle cools off in desert and things heat up.(AC, K/MD, angst,humor, physicality)
"Sirens"--After "Morning After", Jim gives thought to the situation he's found himself in with a certain siren.(SAC, V/I, AU, angst)
"Slide"--A filler scene for "HoM". Sean and Liz sliiiide and we find out where the hell the socks came from.(NAC, S/L, humor, angst, sap, romance.)
"Sour Grapes"--Someone feels alienated...(SAC, POV, angst)
"Strawberry Fields"--When Jim and Isabel are kidnapped, they must bond.(AC,V/I-ish, angst)
"Such Hell"--Before "Wild at Heart" and his v-chip, "BtVS"'s Spike pays a visit to Roswell and runs into Isabel. (SAC, S/I, humor, crossover )
"Sweet and Low"--After "TLV", Max realizes his responsibilities...and his desires. And Liz cries.(SAC, M/T, angst)
"Sweet Dreams"-- Isabel Evans meets someone in their dreams.(AC,I/?, sap, UC 'ship)
"This Little Hand"--A filler scene for "CYN". Max's thoughts on the events surrounding Alex's death.(SAC, Max POV, angst, character death.)
"Till it Bleeds Daylight"--Two starcrossed lovers come together in secret.(AC, ?/?, angst, nongraphic smut, taboo)
"Triplicate"--After "Max in the City", Jim Valenti finds himself entangled in the Vilandra myth through disturbing dreams.(AC, L/V/I, angst, smut)
"Two Hundred Broken Yesterdays"--A two hundred word fic. Isabel contemplates lost love.(AC,I/?, angst)
"The Vessel"--Kyle is a vessel and so is Tess. But for what?(AC, K/T, K/M, M/T, physicality, het/slash, angst)
"Virgin Sacrifice"-- Not a happy fic. Michael deals with the consequences of sex with the "perfect" girl.(AC, Michael/Liz, Michael/Maria, violence, language, adult situations, character death, angst)
"Waiting for Lightning"--How's Michael's post "The Balance" recovery going?.(AC,MG/MD, filler scene)
"What Fools These Mortals Be"--After "Destiny", the new school year has begun and Kyle's not the only one with issues.(SAC, Kyle POV, angst)
"What I Want"--Post "Heat Wave", Michael has a crisis of conscience.(AC,MG/MD, angst)
"When Daddy Goes Blank"--Brody's thoughts about losing more than just time.(SAC, B/M-ish, angst)
"A Whisper of Memory"--Six years after Michael Guerin leaves Roswell, Maria and her husband still can't let go.(AC,MG/MD, MD/?, angst)
"The Why"--Michael wonders why he has given in to Maria.(AC,MG/MD, angst)
"Wide Awake and Screaming"--What keeps Jim Valenti up at night?(NAC, angst)

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