Title: "Pit Stop"
Author: Mala
E-mail: malisita@yahoo.com
Fandom: "Angel"
Rating/Classification: PG-13, F/W, ficlet, mild language, implied sexual situation.
Disclaimer: Grr, aaargh!
Summary: Picks up right after "Orpheus." Faith's leaving something behind. Again.

She makes Willow stop at a gas station even though her car is running on full, murmurs something about having to see a man about a thing as she goes around the corner to the rusted pay phone hanging on the wall by the unisex bathroom. She knows the necessary numbers easy and he laughs when she admits she stole the calling card out of his wallet before she left.

He whispers her name over the commotion in the background...Fred knocking shit over...whatever..."How in the world am I supposed to fuck you if you're not in the same city?" he asks, sounding awful sweet and proper considering the nature of the question.

If she thinks about it, it sounds like he actually misses her. But she's not going to think about it. No, she's gonna do something about it. "I've got some ideas, Wes," she assures, throatily, sliding her hand down the front of her jeans as she closes her eyes and leans on the wall, the silver cord of the phone winding around her throat.

"Do you now?" The laugh and then the catch in his voice.

It only takes two minutes to get them both off.

And then she's back on the road to Sunnydale.



March 27, 2003.

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