At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!

"A Hero's Death"--A filler for Season 5's "Let No Man Put Asunder." Paul's last thoughts as he ends with a whimper, not a bang.(SAC, angst, character deaths.)
"Be Kind, Rewind"--Some missing scenes from season one's "Missing." There's nothing Operations can't do.(AC, angst, ep filler, mild language.) "dead can dance"--Who truly owns Section...? Who walks the halls?(NAC, future fic, angst.)
"From Slayer to Killer?"--After Season 2 of both series, Buffy Summers gets recruited into Section. An old enemy becomes her lover and his secret with Madeline may just destroy the life Buffy has built with her new friends. (AC, B/S, M/N, Ops/Ma, crossover, angst, character deaths.)
"FSTK: Through a Glass Darkly"--Takes place right before part 19 of "FSTK?".(AC, Ops/Ma/S, crossover, angst,)
"Into The Everlasting Bonfire"--A tag to the season four finale. Operations contemplates his new situation and his solitude.(AC, Ops/Ma, angst, character death)
"Let There Be Light"--A tag to the season four finale that unites Michael and Nikita forever.(AC, M/N, angst, character death)
"Lies"--Nikita demands the truth from Michael...and gets exactly what she wants.(NAC, M/N, angst)
"Pas des Deux" --After "Hand to Hand", Operations gives some thought to his relationship with Madaleine.(SAC, Ops/Ma, angst).
"Playing With Ice" --After S3's "Playing with Fire", Walter remembers a time when Madaleine was very, very, different.(AC, Ma/W, angst).
"Regrets"--Michael and Nikita finally find escape from Section One.(NAC, M/N, character deaths.)
"Sanctuary"--A short scene that answers the question: Where does Michael go when he leaves Section? (NAC, M/Other, angst.)
"This Stands Forever"--Michael meets the morning.(NAC, M/N, future ficlet, angst, sap, humor.)
"To Reign in Hell"--A spy and a vampire walk into a bar...and look into Hell. "BtVS"'s Spike guests.(SAC, B/S, M/N, angst, crossover.)

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