At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!

"Beauty Always Had a Cost"--Wesley is waiting. (AC, futurefic, angst.)

"Borrowed"--"I was borrowed," Tara says in "Restless." What does she mean? Does *she* know?(AC, W/T, angst, slash.)

"Chasing the Dust and Shadow"--The drowning of sorrows sometimes brings you more of them.(AC, L/?, implied L/A and B/A, slightly slashy, angst.)

"Cold Fire"--An evening at Caritas yields familiar faces, a song, and more angst for Lindsey.(SAC, implied L/D & A/L, angst.)

"Darkness Aim"--During Season 4, Buffy reflects on Angel and Riley.(SAC, angst & humor)

"The Details"--After "Epiphany", Lindsey has his own...based on the details.(SAC,A/L, L/D, angst, masochism.)

"Die. Sleep.Wake."--After Doyle's death, Cordelia and Angel try to deal.(NAC,lots of angst, character death.)

"Forget Me Not"--After "Once More With Feeling", Tara remembers.(SAC, angst, language, slash.)

"A Hazy Shade of Winter"--Someone fights a losing battle with the cold.(AC, F/? angst, nongraphic smut, character death.)

"Heart-Shaped Box"--Tara is imprisoned in her own mind by what's going on in there? Takes place around "Spiral."(SAC, W/T, slash implied, angst.)

"Hermetic"--Oz is thinking about certain things after an alternate "G2".(SAC,angst, character death.)

"I Can't Feel a Thing"--Just a brief filler bit to help me reconcile the events of Angel 5.22, "Not Fade Away." (SAC, L/A-ish, angst, filler)

"I Was a Teenage Werewolf"--In Season 4, a letter from Oz finds its way to Angel and Cordelia in L.A.(SAC,angst, O/W & A/C elements, character death.)

"In the Extreme"--After "Waiting in the Wings", Wesley contemplates his own position in the wings.(SAC, W/Fr ,G/Fr angst)

"Its Hour Come 'Round"--Lindsey celebrates a milestone and a point of no return.(SAC, angst)

"It's 3 a.m."--Buffy's giving her life some thought after "Hush."(SAC,B/A, B/S, B/P, B/R elements, humor)

"L.A. Triad"--Angel ruminates on the meaning of Lindsey and Faith.(AC, A/L/F, angst, physicality)

"No Such Thing"--Linked from the QAF section at AtS. How far does Lindsey have to run to escape himself?(AC, L/Other, crossover, angst.)

"Nocturne"--Lindsey receives a "thank you" from Darla during S2 of "Angel." (AC, L/D, smut, angst)

"Pit Stop"--Picks up after S4's "Orpheus". Faith is leaving something behind.(SAC, ficlet, angst.)

"Post Coitus, Triste"--In LA, Angel comes to terms with his new life and what gives it meaning.(SAC, angst, B/D,B/A, character deaths)

"Prelude to a Kiss"--In LA, Angel comes to terms with his new life and what gives it meaning.(SAC, A/C/D-themed,angsty)

"Pretty as a Picture"--A young associate, a diner, and forgetfulness in Los Angeles.(SAC, Lindsey, angst.)

"Ravages of Spirit"--A filler scene for S4's "Release." (AC, ficlet, W/F, angst.)

"Stranger Things"--Doyle and Angel's "old squeeze"? Stranger things have happened.(AC, A/B with D/B hints, some angst)

"Such Hell"--Before "Wild at Heart" and his v-chip, Spike pays a visit to "Roswell" and runs into Isabel Evans. (SAC, S/I, humor, crossover)

"This Same Flower"--During "Flooded", Giles is flooded with several realizations about himself and his Slayer.(NAC, Giles POV, angst, B/G, G/W-ish.)

"Thrive"--After "To Shanshu in L.A.", Wesley Wyndham-Pryce does a little soul-searching (SAC, Wesley POV, angst)

"The Thrust of Grace"--Two people lying, curved, together, at the edge of the world...(AC, Connor, angst.)

"To Live In It"--Post-"The Gift", Lindsey comes back to Los Angeles to find an Angel with broken wings.(AC, A/L, B/A, slash, angst, language, sexual situations.)

"trembling on the vine"--After the S3 "Angel" finale...Wes believes in faeries. And finds damnation.(AC, W/?, slash, angst, squick warning)

"Walk a Thorny Path"--Post "Darla", Lindsey worries and wonders about his love and where it's directed.(AC, L/D, L/A, angst, language)

"Wanderlust"--It has been two years since Buffy gave them her "gift", and Spike must move on. But will Dawn be the one to tell him where to *go*?(AC, S/Da, angst, nudity, language.)

"We Happy Few"--After Spike brings Buffy home drunk in "Life Serial", Giles and Spike struggle to help her.(AC, B/G, B/S, G/S, angst, language)

"What Happens When It's Over?"--As the line between fiction and reality blurs, someone contemplates their longevity.(NAC, angst, POV, fic-essay.)

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