At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!


--In an alternate future where Wolfram & Hart thinks they've vanquished Angel once and for all, things are changed for all those Angel has left behind.

"Ashes of Time"--Someone returns, after a long time, to a very different Sunnydale.(AC, AU, B/S, C/W, W/T, angst, character deaths)

"Sanguine Memory"--Four years before Liam's return, Spike wonders how he can be a killer and a parent at the same time.(NAC, AU, angst.)

"Primal Yearnings I"--Lindsey McDonald was a minor player in "AoT"...but now he's in major pain. Will a change of scenery help him?(AC, AU, L/G, L/A, L/J-C, slash implications, angst, character deaths, crossover)

"Copper Rain"--Gunn couldn't save a survivor's guilt is all he has.(AC, AU, G/C, G/L, C/W, slash implications, angst, character deaths)

"Primal Yearnings II"--Now that he has found comfort in another vampire's embrace, Lindsey faces the formidable Anita Blake.(AC, AU, L/A, L/J-C, J-C/A, slash implications, angst, crossover)

"Primal Yearnings III"--Does the Pack hold the key to Lindsey's salvation?(AC, AU, L/J, L/J-C, slash implications, angst, crossover)

"Blood Moon"

--Oz flees Sunnydale after "New Moon Rising" and finds himself encountering the loup garoux from Annette Curtis Klause's Blood & Chocolate.

"Blood Rising"--The change comes and Oz can't stop it. He also can't stop a new beginning.(SAC,V/G, angst)

"Blood Song"--Oz becomes more comfortable with the pack and admits to Vivian why he's running.(SAC,O/W implied, V/G, angst)

"Blood Lust"--Desire is in the air and Oz longs for completion.(SAC,V/G, angst)


--In an alternate "Angel" season, Angel and Cordelia are in L.A. living together but more alone than ever. Can they find common ground? Or even love?

"Death Becomes Her"-In the first season of "Angel", Cordelia's life isn't as easy as one might think.(SAC,A/C-ish, angst)

"Death Warmed Over"--Angel watches Cordelia sleep and broods over the changes she's forced him to make.(SAC, A/C-ish,angst)

"Kiss of Death"--Cordelia wakes up to Angel and a relationship forever changed.(AC, A/C, angst)

"Death in Excess"--Delia and Angel's relationship changes once again, with harsh consequences.(AC, A/C, angst)

"Life and Death"--Doyle and Buffy have an important talk & Delia comes to a conclusion.(AC, A/C, angst)

"Death and the Maiden "--Buffy's attempt to drown her sorrows hurts both her and Doyle. Angel makes a crucial admission.(AC, D/B,A/C, angst)

"At Death's Door"--Doyle, Angel, and Cordy have a talk and Buffy makes a choice.(AC, D/B A/C, angst)

"Southern Exposure"

--A crossover with MTV's "Love Song", which stars Christian Kane and Monica. These loosely linked stories take place in a universe where boy lawyer Lindsey Ray McDonald and blues musician Billy Ryan Gallo are estranged twin brothers. I write the general fics and Lex writes the smutty ones!

"To Serve in Heaven"--In between Seasons 1&2, Lindsey is called to Ireland. Does family history hold a chance for redemption?(AC, A/L-ish, crossover, angst.)

"Turning To Peace"--After "Dead End", Lindsey drives towards something new.(SAC, angst, humor, vague crossover.)

"Crazy in Love"--An off-site link to Lex's wonderfully sexy story. Lindsey takes the Spike-ian approach to getting Darla back.(VERY AC, L/Darla, angst, graphic smut.)

"Tempted & Torn"

--At the end of "Angel" season one, Angel and Lindsey McDonald's antagonistic struggle takes a decidedly more intimate and insidious turn. This series contains non-graphic slash.

"Dance With The Devil"--Lindsey McDonald dances with the devil in the pale moonlight..(AC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"Cat Scratch Fever"--Lindsey and Angel both contemplate recent events and wonder what insanity they've begun.(AC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"The Devil You Know"--Angel brings their secret into Wolfram & Hart and Lindsey begins to unravel more and more.(AC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"Love Thy Enemy"--Turnabout is fair play, isn't it? Lindsey has never been more wrong.(AC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"Even Angels Fall"--What has Angel become? He grapples with self-definition as he and Lindsey both accept the truth.(SAC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"Here in Ruins"--Lindsey and Angel finally reveal their feelings...but Lindsey has one more crucial secret.(SAC, A/L, slash, angst, language)

"Walking the Mile"

--Co-written with Saffron, "WtM" explores Buffy Summers' life in the gritty, dark, "Wish"-verse and the familiar faces from another life who cross her path.

"Conjugal Visits"--Buffy slays monsters in Cleveland and drowns her demons in bed with her lover. Just another day in the life of a slayer.(AC, B/D, angst, smut, language)

"Excessive Force"--Buffy has had enough of Doyle's propensity for trouble and decides to teach him a lesson.(AC, B/D, violence, nonconsensual/consensual smut, angst, language)

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