At some point in my fannish career, I attempted a new rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, and NAC-No Adult Content. The stories aren't marked consistently between those ratings and the MPAA because I got sick of converting them!

"Ain't Love Grand?"--After "Into the Woods", Spike is drunk and waxing poetic.(SAC, B/S, angst)

"Asylum"--During "Tough Love", Spike contemplates "safety" and the Summers women.(SAC, B/S-ish, angst,)

"Be Forever"--A tag to the S5 finale, "The Gift." Spike mourns the loss of love.(NAC, B/S-ish, angst, character death)

"Blind"--After "Gone", they can't see.(NAC, B/S-ish, angst, shmoop)

"Come Into My Parlor"--"'Come into my parlor,' said the spider to the fly."(SAC, B/S-ish, angst)

"Crimson Love"--In the future, Spike contemplates a decision he made.(AC, B/S-ish, angst)

"Dance on the Wire"--Somewhere around "Listening to Fear", Buffy and Spike invade each other's personal space.(AC, B/S, angst, humor, songfic, nongraphic smut)

"Death Wish"--Picks up at the end of "Fool for Love". Buffy contemplates her lust for death.(AC, B/S, angst, physicality)

"Falls the Shadow"--Another post-"LW" fic. Carnaval has hit the streets of Rio, but Spike is in the mood to question himself, not to party.(AC, B/S, S/D elements)

"From Slayer to Killer?"--Buffy gets recruited into "LFN"'s Section One. Spike, Nikita, and Michael may be her only hope. (AC,B/S, M/N, O/Ma, XO)

"FSTK: Through a Glass Darkly"--Takes place right before part 19 of "FSTK?".(AC,Ops/Maddy/Spike, XO)

"The Gift"--A hypothetical end to S5 and a beloved character. Spoilers through "Spiral." And, no, I didn't know the finale would be called "The Gift" when I wrote this, lol.(SAC, B/S-ish, angst, character death)

"A Handful of Ashes"--Buffy is back from the dead...what does this mean for Spike? Does it mean anything for *them*?(NAC, angst, sap, post-"After Life.")

"Happily Ever After"--Buffy, Spike, and a dark future they're destined for.(AC, B/S, angst, tissue warning)

"If My Heart Could Beat"--Based on spoiler speculation for season seven and beyond. Spike is getting exactly what he deserves...isn't he?(AC, B/S-ish, angst,futurefic, language)

"In Peace"--A post ep. filler for "Angel" 5.2. Spike finally gets his "just rewards", right?(SAC, B/S-ish, angst, language)

"In the Red"--Near distant future of Angel/Buffy/Spike confrontation.(SAC, B/S, B/A, angst,)

"Just A Little Bit More"--After "Who Are You?", Spike gets his confrontation.(AC, B/S, angst, smut)

"Lascivious Grace"--In a hypothetical season 4, Spike is back in town and he's finding himself turning into. . .his sire.(AC, angst, B/S)

"The Last Time"--After "Into the Woods", Spike and Buffy both wonder about his place in her life...and how many steps away he is from her.(SAC, B/S, angst, humor, songfic)

"Like Blood & Roses"--Shortly after S5's "Fool for Love", Spike grouses and writes some bad poetry.(SAC, B/S, angst)

"Natural Born Killers"--A look at the nature of killers.(NAC, B/S-ish, 2nd person POV, angst)

"The Once and Future Spike"--Spike contemplates his own mythology, his own past.(NAC, B/S, angst)

"Past Perfect"--More "The Gift" angst for Spike.(NAC,Spike POV, angst)

"Poetic Justice"--A variation on "Fool for Love" spoilers...what goes around comes around.(AC, B/S, angst)

"Rebirth"--Based on "Seeing Red" and "Villians", spoiler speculation for the end of season five.(SAC, B/S-ish, angst, ficlet)

"Reflection"--A Buffy POV loosely linked to "Respiration."(NAC, B/S, angst)

"Respiration"--After S5's "Out of my Mind", Spike rages about his feelings for Buffy.(AC, B/S, implied physicality, angst)

"Requiem"--A Slayer's blood is on Spike's hands and her death on his conscience.(SAC, B/S-ish, Character Death,)

"Saturday"--Buffy met Spike just a few years ago. So why isn't she remembering their first meeting correctly?(SAC, B/S)

"The Scarlet Lie"--Set during the latter half of S4, a secret liasion begins to take its toll.(AC, B/S-ish)

"The Scarlet Truth"--In the sequel to "TSL", Spike wants the terms of the liasion to change.(AC, B/S-ish)

"The Shadow of Blood"--A two hundred word ficlet taking place vaguely in Season 5.(SAC, B/S, angst, nongraphic smut.)

"Sounds of Silence"--A little Buffy pov ficlet around the time of "Life Serial"(NAC, sap)

"That Final Gasp"--After "IWMTLY", some things die...and Spike kisses and tells.(SAC, B/S-ish, angst, character death)

"Threshold"--After "The Body", Spike ponders what it means to cross the threshold.(NAC, B/S-ish, angst, sap, character death)

"To Reign in Hell"--A vampire and a spy walk into a bar. . .and look into Hell. "LFN"'s Michael guests.(SAC, M/N, B/S, XO)

"Uninvited"--During the Scooby Gang's senior prom, Spike returns. And watches. And waits.(SAC, B/S implied,)

"Untouchable Face"--Written with help from my best friend Nini and threaded by the harsh Ani DiFranco song of the same name. Spike and Buffy want each other, so what's the problem? (AC, angst, B/S, character deaths,)

"Worlds Apart"--A missing scene from "Life Serial." Spike brings the inebriated Slayer home safe.(NAC, angst, humor)

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