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Welcome to Collide, my definitive crossover fan fiction archive that spans at least eight years' worth of writing. There's really nothing I won't try when it comes to mashing universes, so if adult content offends you, you probably don't want to read further.

3 o'clock High - General Hospital/Guiding Light. Jonathan Randall finds someone else trapped in the void.

Accio, Boxers! - A Veronica Mars/Harry Potter crossover. Wherein Veronica Mars is a wizard and monimala and Angel Grace are quite possibly high. [veronica mars and the vagabond squib 1] [veronica mars and the vagabond squib 2] [all's ferret in love and war]

Angels & Ropes - An Alias/Angel crossover. What does Sark do when he's not being Sark? What if he had a whole other life? Goes through S2's "Endgame" and then veers. [angels and ropes] [london fog] [sunlight in the mirror] [half in shade]

Always Look On the Bright Side and Sweet Hitchhiker, Won't You Ride? - Supernatural/Friday Night Lights. Dillon, Texas, haunts Sam Winchester in ways he never could have expected.

and burnt the topless towers... - Queer As Folk/General Hospital. An ailing Port Charles company needs Brian Kinney's special expertise.

another scar will fade and another scar will take this one's place - Supernatural/Roswell. John Winchester and Isabel Evans make an unforgettable connection.

Ashes - An Angel/Anita Blake crossover. The crossover-y parts of my AU story Ashes of Time, featuring Lindsey McDonald and Charles Gunn after season 2. [copper rain] [primal yearnings 1] [primal yearnings 2] [primal yearnings 3]

Asking Nothing, Leave Me Tweed -Veronica Mars/Supernatural. Veronica gets a lesson in Urban Legends and Folklore of the American Heartland...sort of.

A Beautiful Taste - Gilmore Girls/Supernatural. Lorelai realizes his face is leaner than Dean Forester's.

Blood Moon - A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Blood and Chocolate crossover. Oz flees Sunnydale after S4's "New Moon Rising" and encounters Annette Curtis Klause's loup garoux.[blood rising] [blood song] [blood lust]

The Bond/Veronica Chronicles - A Veronica Mars/Casino Royale (2006) crossover. Veronica's life veers off course from season 3 when she meets James Bond in Monte Carlo. [close your eyes and think of england] [brace yourself, bridget] [in soviet russia, james bonds you] [turn the other cheek] [behinds, blue eyes and very bad men]

Cast a Shadow - Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/??. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce sputters awake after the world ends and re-starts.

don't chase ghosts, don't get too close - Veronica Mars/Turks. Don Lamb has a doppelganger walking the earth who wears $200 shirts and, of all things, Drakkar Noir.

For Nothing Now - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter. There are things Rupert Giles will always remember.

Forever With You, Forever In Me - Charmed/Nip/Tuck. Phoebe Halliwell sees a familiar face.

From Slayer to Killer - A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/La Femme Nikita crossover. After Season 2 of both series, Buffy Summers gets recruited into Section One. [part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [through a glass darkly] [part five] [part six]

Going Rogue - Torchwood/As the World Turns. Luke Snyder just wants to stare at a damn beer. Jack Harkness has other plans.

Home and Away - Heroes/Friday Night Lights. Claire Bennet hates away games.

I do believe in fairies - Doctor Who/Supernatural. Set during DW's season 3 finale, Martha Jones is traveling the world telling a story.

Inbreeding - Grey's Anatomy/Lost. Oceanic Flight 815 crashes and changes Derek Shepherd's life.

Life's Little Quirks and Work, Work, Work - Pirates of the Caribbean/The Princess Bride. The Man in Black gets some key life lessons from The Man in Black Eyeliner.

No Such Thing - Angel/Queer As Folk. How far does Lindsey have to go to escape himself?

Private Wars - Veronica Mars/Days of our Lives. In August 2007, Veronica helps Philip Kiriakis with a very special case.

Reaping the Benefits of Destruction - Days of our Lives/Iron Man. During a meeting with Tony Stark, Philip notes that doing business is a lot like having an affair.

Taking in the Sights - Passions/Torchwood. Captain Jack wants to take a gander at Harmony's lighthouse.

Through the Sodium Glow and Five People Who Didn't Save Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars/Doctor Who/X-Men. Veronica has some strange encounters when she least expects it.

Tropicana Twister - Veronica Mars/Heroes. Weevil Navarro does everything by the book. Except check the car battery.

Two By Two - General Hospital/Grey's Anatomy. Early in their relationship, Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake consult on a case at Seattle Grace.

The Seekers - A Days of our Lives/Roswell crossover. Brady Black is haunted by voices he calls "The Seekers." But what are they looking for? [part one] [part two] [part three][part four] [part five]

Small as Folk - A Smallville/Queer As Folk crossover. Written with Minnie, Clark Kent and Lex Luthor encounter Brian and Justin. 'Nuff said. [part one] [part two]

Such Hell - A Roswell/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. As fate and boredom would have it, Spike finds himself walking into the Crashdown. [part one] [part two] [part three]

where the air is thin - Veronica Mars/Roswell. Lamb is no longer that boy.

While I Kiss the Sky - A 21 Jump Street/Veronica Mars crossover. Will life on Neptune help Tom Hanson escape the past?[necessity is the mother of prevention] [this is how we roll] [picking up the spare]

With Friends Like These - Spiderman 3/Heroes. It's almost funny, but Harry Osborn can't laugh.

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