"X-Men" Fic

"Blink"--The X-Men's Wolverine contemplates the meaning of time and age.(NAC, sap, angst)

"Genuine Draft"--Logan is in the mood for something cold and refreshing. X2 fic.(SAC, B/L, slash, angst, adult situations)

"La Belle Dame Sans Merci"--As Christmas comes to Salem Center, one of the X-Men contemplates the gift of love.(SAC, G/R, angst)

"Like Open Doors"--After UXM #423, can Jubilee's friends reach her? Can one *specific* friend reach her?(AC, W/J, angst, adult situations)

"The One-Eyed Man is King"--After X2, Scott is in the dark. Is anyone lighting his way?(AC, W/S, slash, angst, ficlet)

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