Title: "Whatever Will Be"
Author: monimala
Fandom: "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"
Rating/Classification: NAC, Sands/El, ficlet.
Disclaimer: Robert Rodriguez, not I.
Summary: Does this count as happy? I don't know. Just a little scene.
Notes: Please excuse the lack of accents...my word processor is an asshat.

"My friend, you are not happy."

"What the fuck do I have to be happy about?"

"Life, si?"

"Life *no*, fuckmook." Sheldon shifts, his back solid against the wall, and El watches him bend and flow like water. He does not know it, but the months have been kind to him, healed him despite the weight of his rage.

He smiles, slightly, bending over his guitar, tightening the strings before he plucks a melody. "Que sera sera, Jefe."

Sands bristles at the nickname. Because he is, as they both know, the boss of nothing in this little room. "Oh, don't start singing shit to me, Man. I'll kill you in your sleep," he growls.

"It's a song?" he wonders, innocently. The blind man's threats are empty. He knows there are a thousand instances where Sands could have killed him in his sleep, but in his permanent blackness, there is only one thing he reaches for when his moods are just as dark. "You do not fool me, Amigo."

"*Can't* fool you, Asshole. You're not the one with no eyes," Sands murmurs, cranky like a child. This refrain of his is old...without malice now. More like love.

Luckily, El is used to playing patient papi. Not that he sees this crazy man as his son. Simply his destiny. Or, perhaps, his penance. "You're not happy," he repeats, softly.

"But I will be." Hands, instinctively, move beneath the guitar... finding, stroking.

The hombre sin ojos is getting much...much better...at playing from memory.

El lets the instrument slide from his naked lap. He thinks, perhaps, that he is getting worse.




December 1, 2003.

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