"Witchblade" Fic

"Another Door"--A story about the persistence of memory. Post-"Transcendence."(SAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, sap)

"Concealed Vulnerability"--A filler scene ficlet for "Legion". Ian's thoughts as Sara makes love to another man.(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst.)

"Devotee"--Post-"Convergence". Will Ian do what he must?(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst.)

"Dolores"--A tag to "Lagrimas".(NAC, SP/IN-ish,angst, ficlet)

"Evermore"--More than the Witchblade binds Sara and Ian.(SAC, IN/SP, angst, adult situations)

"Finding Heaven"--My contribution to the Deflowering Ian genre. It's a rainy night and he needs his lady.(AC, IN/SP, angst, sap, nongraphic smut.)

"Forever and Eternally Fading"--A filler scene ficlet for "Maelstrom". Ian angsts about Sara's pain, his own situation. Irons, and the Blade.(SAC, IN/SP, angst.)

"Growing Pains"--What does Danny do when he's not watching Pez?(NAC, Danny POV, angst.)

"Here in Silence"--Ian watches Sara grieve for Conchobar.(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, ficlet.)

"How You Play The Game"--In between "Parabolic" and "Palindrome", what is it that brings Danny and Jake closer?(AC, D/J, slash, angst, mild language.)

"I Should Have Walked Away"--Post-"Apprehension"...a wounded Ian is caught between dreams and stark reality.(SAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, implied nongraphic smut.)

"Inseparable"--After "Thanatopsis", the nature of Sara and Ian's connection begins to haunt her dreams and her reality.(AC, IN/SP, angst, sap, nongraphic smut.)

"Invulnerable"--A filler fic for "Consectatio"...because there's no way Sara just left Ian there are on the concrete.(AC, language,IN/SP, angst)

"Karma"--A dark look at the true natures of Ian's relationships with Irons and Sara.(AC, IN/SP,IN/KI-ish, angst.)

"Language Acquisition"--Thoughts on those three little words.(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, sap.)

"Like Icarus"--Ian wants to fly...(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst)

"Mercy"--Post-"Transcendence". Ian's thoughts in those crucial last moments.(NAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, ficlet)

"Nowhere Near"--Yet another Great Rewind story...this time mixing the comics and the first season and coming up with a reality that still isn't anywhere near perfect.(AC,IN/SP, angst, language, sexual situations)

"Of This World"--A filler scene for "Lagrimas".(NAC, Gabriel, angst)

"One"--An anguished little ficlet that explores the *other* bond between Ian and Sara.(SAC, IN/SP-ish, angst, incest-y.)

"Penitence"--Nothing can stop Ian from taking what he wants.(AC, IN/SP, language, angst, nongraphic smut, mild violence.)

"Primogeniture"--A 150 word ficlet based on "Destiny" and "Emergence".(NAC, Ian POV, angst)

"A Room With a View"--An experimental ficlet about being on the outside looking in. *Not* an Ian fic.(NAC, angst)

"A Story"--A very silly, dialogue-only, badfic regarding Ian's need to crawl back into the womb. Specifically *Sara's* womb.(AC, IN/SP, language, humor, sexual implications.)

"Tell My Wife I'm Sorry"--A filler for "Periculum." What was that touch between Danny and Sara?(SAC, Danny POV, DW/SP-ish, angst.)

"Turn the Page"--Post-"Transcendence". Gabriel's thoughts in those crucial last moments.(SAC, Gabriel, angst, character death)

"World Enough and Time"--After Sara turns back time, Ian learns that some things are always worth remembering.(SAC, IN/SP-ish, angst.)

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