My rating system: AC-Adult Content, SAC-Some Adult Content, NAC-No Adult Content. Each corresponds with one of the three main MPAA ratings (I rarely foray into NC-17 territory).

"Veronica Mars"

"5 People Who Didn't Save Veronica Mars"--Just what it sounds like. These are five people who didn't save Veronica in 2.22, "Not Pictured." (SAC, angst, filler, crossover, gen)
"Alternate"--With their eyes closed, it all makes sense.. (SAC, mild language, sexual situations, V/Weevil, het/slash)
"And So He Plays His Part"--Everybody has a niche. Set after 2.13, "Ain't No Magic Mountain..." (SAC, language, sexual situations, gen w/ HaLo and Logan/Lilly, ficlet)
"Asking Nothing, Leave Me Tweed" -- Crossover with SPN, circa season four. "Welcome to Urban Legends and Folklore in the American Heartland."(AC, AU, Veronica/Sam, humor, sexual situations.)
"by any other name"--She thinks of hands and texture and sour beer breath. (SAC, gen, ficlet.)
"Dancing with the Mars"--Picks up in the middle of 3.7, "Of Vice and Men," and then swerves off course. There's a pretty short list of stuff Vinnie never wants to look at. (AC for language, Veronica/Vinnie, ep filler, AU)
"Date Night"--Angel Grace wanted to see Keith and Weevil hanging out and giving Veronica's dates the Evil Eye... (NAC, fluff, gen with LoVe mentions, humor)
"don't chase ghosts, don't get too close"--Lamb has a doppelganger walking the earth who wears $200 shirts and, of all things, Drakkar Noir. Spoilers for S3's "Mars, Bars." (AC, Veronica/Paul, crossover with Turks)
"El Hombre del Sombrero Amarillo"--People look at you different once you've been in the can. Filler fic for 3.3, "Wichita Linebacker." (SAC, language, gen)
"Flip"--Pretty much just a darkly fucked-up little ficlet. (SAC, Logan/Veronica, angst)
"five finger discount"--It was easier, actually, than seeing that he considered her One of Them. (SAC, Weevil/Veronica, episode filler for 2.1.)
"fresh out of horses"--Written for tarribabe for the VM Summer Ficathon. Requirements: road trip, flat tire, and thunderstorm. (SAC, Weevil/Veronica.)
"How Sacks Got His Groove Back"--Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Through and after S3's "Mars, Bars." (SAC, humor)
"I Only Have Eyes for Ewe"--Suffice it to say, this is the most scarring night of Veronica Mars' life. (AC, language, sexual situations, Veronica, Vinnie, Lamb, humor/badfic)
"I Herd it Through the Grapevine"--A sheepish sequel to the story above. More plastic, more perversity, and gratuitous abuse of Shakespeare. (AC, language, sexual situations, Veronica/Vinnie, humor/badfic)
"I Haven't Seen Barbados"--My contribution to the emerging post-"Not Pictured" Mac Angst genre. She's been handed the literature... (NAC, Mac, gen)
"I Saw the Water Shimmer"--Taking off from the events of 2.1, "Normal is the Watch Word." This is not an epic story. (SAC, V/Weevil, sap, angst, futurefic)
"Lay Down With Dogs"--A tag to 2.19, "Nevermind the Buttocks." When Liam finds Kendall at 2 AM, he's not in the best of moods... (AC, language, sexual situations)
"Losing Grip" -- Veronica is dying. (AC, Veronica, LoVe, Weevil)
"The Luxury Tax"-- He knows he's going to screw her the minute she walks into the club. (AC, Logan/Other, dark themes, language, sexual content) "memento mori"--A brief filler for "Leave it to Beaver." Duncan remembers and forgets. (SAC, Duncan/various.)
"Merit"-- Vague spoilers through 2.17. Weevil, Felix, and Chardo made their own club. (SAC, angst, gen)
"over.sleep"--This is barely even a story...right? (SAC, slash, drabble/ficlet.)
"The Passenger"--Veronica is happy for five minutes. Generic season three spoilers through 3.11.(AC for language, dark themes, sexual content, LoVe, V/Lamb, AU)
"Pathogen"--Veronica hoped the feeling spread. (SAC, language, sexual situations, Veronica/?, VD, ficlet)
"Pay the Boatman"-- Vague spoilers through 2.17. Molly Fitzpatrick doesn't pay with coins. Not anymore. (SAC, angst, noncon/darkfic)
"Private Wars" -- An unabashedly indulgent Days of our Lives crossover set during August of '07 (AC, AU, Veronica/Philip, humor, sexual situations.)
"Remembering Your Divinity"--She didn't come out feeling clean, or pure. Just wet. Written for the Anchors Away Smutathon at the VM Library LJ community. (AC, Mac/Logan, Mac/OC, sexual situations, language, AU)
"running on empty"-- Dreams are all Weevil's got. (SAC for language, Weevil/Other, ficlet.)
"Shaking Hands With the Devil"--There are a limited number of things Weevil can do to pass the time in prison. (AC, sexual situations, Weevil/Himself, Weevil/V-implied)
"Skipping the V"-- It's different now. (AC, language, sexual situations, Logan/Weevil, slash, ficlet)
"Sleepless in Santa Clarita" -- Set in the speculative season four VM: FBI-verse. Veronica Mars, lone wolf no more. (AC, V/Carter, futurefic, mild sexual situations.)
"Test Drive"-- "I think she's a keeper." A one shot set somewhere around 2.14. (NAC, V/Weevil, fluff, ficlet)
"Through the Sodium Glow"--Set in season one of the new Who but late season two of VM. Veronica's running on no sleep and caffeine… (NAC, gen, crossover, humor)
"Tools of the Trade"--Veronica was boldly going where no Mars had gone before. (SAC, Veronica/Vinnie, humor, language, sexual situations)
"Tropicana Twister"--Weevil does everything by the book. Except check the car battery. (SAC, Veronica/Weevil, slight crossover)
"What's LoVe Got to Do With It?"--Written for the What If? Challenge on LJ, this is a rewrite of "Tools of the Trade." (AC, Veronica/Vinnie, Lamb, humor, language)
"You Can't Have One Without the Other"--Written for VM Library's January "Losin' It" challenge. "Why else would a guy get married?" (AC for language, Veronica/Vinnie, Vinnie/various, sexual situations, humor, AU)

Stand Alone Sheriff Lamb fics
-Wherein I spread the not-so venerable Don Lamb all over Neptune. Mostly with Veronica, but others get him, too.

"5 People Don Lamb Never Fucked (Over)"--Just what the title sounds like. Five connected 200 word scenes. (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/various, het, slash)
"22 Civil Seconds"--"Hey, would someone let me know when some girl is in my office?" A filler scene for 3.6, "Hi, Infidelity." (SAC, ep filler, Veronica, Lamb, gen)
"Almost Paradise"-- Somehow, Veronica pictured a Hawaiian vacation as involving more fruity cocktails served in hollowed-out pineapples and less actual physical exertion. (AC, V/Lamb, language, humor, sexual situations)
"Across and Down"--A missing scene from 2.16, "The Rapes of Graff." (AC, language, sexual situations, MadLamb, ficlet)
"be all my sins remember'd"--He'd practiced non-expressions in the mirror for occasions like this. (AC for language, sexual situations, V/Lamb.)
"Beggars and Choosers"-- He will never forget the look on her face. (AC, V/Lamb, non-con, dark themes, language, sexual content)
"Catch Her in the Rye"--AU ep filler for 2.2, "Driver Ed." "Why *do* birds suddenly appear every time you're near?" (AC, language, sexual situations, V/Lamb, ficlet)
"A Clean Start"-- She was totally and completely shocked to see Lamb sorting his whites. (AC, V/Lamb, futurefic, AU)
"Cry Wolf"--Filler for 3.2, "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week." He never bothered writing anything down the first time. (SAC, language, gen, ep filler)
"Does Not Equal"--Set after 2.16, "The Rapes of Graff." Probably a tenuous sequel to "Across and Down." (AC, language, sexual situations, MadLamb, ficlet)
"From the Inside"--Falling in front of Sheriff Don Lamb was six thousand times worse than holding on to him. A filler for 2.20, "Look Who's Stalking." (AC, language, sexual situations, V/Lamb, ficlet)
"Gilded Lilies"--This is Lamb/Veronica, with a (deliberately bad) Regency romance twist. (AC, sexual situations, severely AU crack!fic. )
"Hide and Seek"--Picks up in the middle of 3.7, "Of Vice and Men," and veers off into Mala's Favorite 'Ship territory. This is all Sacks' fault. (AC for lots of filthy language, V/Lamb, AU ep filler.)
"How to Save a Life"--Takes off and goes AWOL from S3's "Of Vice and Men." (NAC, Veronica, Lamb, filler fic/AU)
"lambs to the slaughter"--This is a gratuitous attempt to get Veronica and Lamb up close and personal and make it at least somewhat plausible. (SAC for language, sexual situations, V/Lamb.)
"Like a Jewel Buried Deep"--"It's like you were never sheriff. Like you never existed at all." Spoilers for S3's "Mars, Bars." (AC, adult themes, angst)
"Meet Kettle" -- Lamb and Veronica have done this before and they'll do it again. (NAC, Veronica, Lamb.)
"The Salient Lines"--I keep seeing fics that kill off Keith as a LoVe hurt/comfort device. I thought I'd give it a Lamb-flavored whirl. (SAC, sexual situations, angst, V/Lamb)
"Shake it All"--What if the Hokey Pokey really *is* what it's all about? (AC, language, sexual situations, slash, Logan/Lamb, ficlet)
"Slippery When Wet"-- She'd somehow skipped from 40 days of rain and the ark to the ten plagues of Egypt, with Lamb being #11. (AC, humor, language, V/Lamb, sexual situations)
"Smoke 'Em if You Gotham"--Between Dreamingsunset's suggestion of Veronica in a Batgirl costume and Shealynn88 talking about forced proximity sex, lo, this fic was born. Set during early season three. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"Solved"--Lamb knows he's skating the line. (AC, sexual situations, violence, Lamb, Logan, Veronica, angst)
"Some Were Born to Sing the Blues" --A response to Gracie's prompt, "In which Logan gets married, Veronica gets drunk, and Lamb gets very, very lucky." (AC, V/Lamb, humor, adult language, sexual situations.)
"Sporting Chance"-- "Still picking winners, huh, Veronica?" Post 2.17, "Plan B." (SAC for language, V/Lamb-ish, angst)
"what makes the sphinx the 7th wonder?"--She is the bane of his existence. The Dorothy to his Wicked Witch. (SAC for language, V/Lamb.)
"where the air is thin"--Don Lamb is no longer that boy. (SAC, language, gen, crossover.)

Accio, Boxers!
-Veronica's a wizard and Mala and Angel Grace are quite possibly high.

"Veronica Mars and the Vagabond Squib"--"I'm a WHAT?!" Veronica cried, staring at the giant creature looming in her doorway. (AC, V/Lamb, Hermione/Snape implied, some dirty words and adult content, crossover, AU, crack!fic.)
All's Ferret in Love and War-- Veronica's a wizard and it involves a bouncing ferret. You do the math! (SAC, V/Lamb, crossover, AU, crack!fic.)

"Between The Rock and a Not-So Hard Place"
-How do you make fluff out of people that aren't fundamentally fluffy? 'Um, I'm sorry I was a dickhead about your rape. Want to make popcorn and trade witty banter now?'

"Pop Secret"--"Do the boys at the station know or is this a secret love?" (SAC, language, gen, humor, fluff, V/Lamb.)
"Easy Bake"--This...this was definitely a better gift. (SAC, language, gen, humor, fluff, V/Lamb.)
"Chao, Bella"--Never let 'em see you sweat, cry, or otherwise excrete. Post-"Donut Run." (SAC, language, gen, humor, fluff, V/Lamb.)
"The Plath Not Taken"--A bit of plotless, mildly dirty, dialogue... (NAC, language, gen, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"The San Francisco Treat"--A crucial line finally gets crossed. (SAC, language, humor, V/Lamb)
"No Bundts About It"--Veronica in general bedeviled him. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"Gnocchi Three Times"--"Who needs talk when you have action?" (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman"--More plotlessness...this time with licking! (SAC, language, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"To Perv and Protect"--His Holiness Dwayne requires a sacrifice. (SAC, language, sexual situations, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"Nobody Expects the Amish Inquisition"--He sounded like Jerry Maguire or something... (SAC, language, sexual situations, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"Prince Albert in a Can"--When Veronica reaches out and touches you, Caller ID is a godsend. A very silly, dialogue-only installment. (SAC, language, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"Let Them Meet Cake"--This was downright underhanded and dirty. (AC, language, humor, fluff, V/Lamb)
"Reefer? I Don't Even KNOW Her"--Set around 2.21, "Happy Go Lucky" but still mostly AU. Finals Week was a bitch. (AC, language, humor, angst, V/Lamb)
"You Had Me at Jell-O"--an AU spin on the events in 2.22, "Not Pictured." At that point, he'd just gone for broke… (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, angst, V/Lamb)
"O Come All Ye Faithful"--Plotless sexual deviancy. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"From Here to Iniquity"--It had been stupid to think they could exist in a vacuum. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"Please, Sir, I Want Samoa"--Don has no self-respect…and he's probably lost his damn mind. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"Shave the Last Dance"--Is Veronica into Women's Lib? Is Lamb going to drop the soap? (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)
"On the Seventh Day, We Arrest"--Filler for 3.1, "Welcome Wagon." Sometimes, Lamb said the sweetest things. (AC, language, sexual situations, humor, V/Lamb)

The Bond/Veronica Chronicles
-So I says to Angel Grace that I'm itching to cross Daniel Craig's James Bond over with something. Gracie industriously points out that you can cross over just about anything with the noirish bane of our existence, Veronica Mars.

"Close Your Eyes and Think of England"--The guy was totally a spy. (AC, Veronica/James, crack!fic, humor, adult language, some porn.)
"Brace Yourself, Bridget"--If he has to ask, Veronica's not doing it right. (AC, Veronica/James, crack!fic, humor, adult language, some porn.)
"In Soviet Russia, James Bonds You"--So much blondeness, so little bed... (AC, Veronica/James/Buffy, crack!fic, humor, adult language, some porn.)
"Turn the Other Cheek"-- Veronica could get used to the high life. (AC, Veronica/James, crack!fic, humor, etc.)
"Behinds, Blue Eyes, and Very Bad Men"-- Veronica Mars is truly frightening. (AC, Veronica/James, crack!fic, humor, etc.)

The Loser-verse
-Veronica picks the losers. Sort of.

"Notch"--"Don't you want to nail the Fitzpatricks, Deputy?" A missing scene from 2.17, "Plan B." (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/V/Weevil, angst)
"double exposure"--A 200 word loose tag to "Notch." (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/V/Weevil, angst)
"Terms of Endearment"--Missing (and AU) scenes for 2.22, "Not Pictured." The grip should be choking but isn't. (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/V/Weevil, angst)
"Continental Breakfast"--County lock-up is like the Motel 6 of jails. After 2.22, "Not Pictured." (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/Weevil, angst)
"Familiarity Breeds"--Weevil's out of jail and Veronica is imprisoned. (AC, language, sexual situations, V/Weevil, angst)
"Noose"--It would almost be a domestic tableau. (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/V, angst)
"In Case of Emergency"--All she wants is for his nails to dig in. (AC, language, sexual situations, Lamb/V/Weevil, LoVe, angst)
"Resurrection Blvd."--There's no more room at the Veronica Inn. (SAC, language, sexual situations, V/Lamb, LoVe-ish, angst)
"High"--And now here they are. (SAC, language, drug use, sexual situations, Lamb/Weevil, humor)

Veronica's Vices
-Baked goods, tequila, and co-writing with Angel Grace on AIM makes for a dangerous combination.

"Holding the Cuervo"--Gracie tells Mala to write "some pron." Mala says to Gracie "No, you write some pron." They decide to write some together, with the help of Starrwisher's prompt: a bar, a salt shaker, a lemon. (AC, V/Lamb, adult language, adult situations)
"When the Cupcakes Aren't the Best Part"--Written for starxd_sparrow, who wanted to know what happened three days after Holding the Cuervo. (AC, V/Lamb, adult language, adult situations)
"washed in the blood"
-An Alternate Universe series set in season two. Don Lamb has a long way to go before his sins are cleansed.

"washed in the blood I"--This is the Way They Are, not the Way They Were. (AC for language, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"washed in the blood II"--Her lack of impulse control usually extended to things like tailing a cheater... (AC for language, angst, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb III: Saving Grace"--A tag to episode 2.7/NPBiaC. "Totally inappropriate" was beginning to be a Veronica Mars signature... (AC for language, angst, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb IV: a contemplative montage"--Just a glimpse at Veronica and Weevil's relationship... (SAC, angst, sap, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"washed in the blood V"--If this were a t.v. show, there would be more banter. (AC, language, angst, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb VI: The River Denial"--This is how they cope...or not. (AC, language, angst, sexual situations, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb VII: The Art of War"-- These are the wars they wage. (AC, language, angst, sap, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb VIII: The Ties That Bind"-- If you love something, set it free... (AC, language, angst, sap, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)
"witb VIII: When Happily Ever After Fails"--The final chapter: All they have left is the inevitable. (AC, language, nongraphic smut, angst, sap, V/Lamb, V/Weevil.)

"The Man Behind the Curtain" 1 & 2--A WitB alternate future fic. Veronica is not in Kansas anymore, or in Oz, but Don Lamb is still there. (SAC for language, AU,futurefic, V/Lamb, V/Weevil implied)

While I Kiss the Sky
--A crossover series with 21 Jump Street. Will life on Neptune help Tom Hanson escape the past?
"Necessity is the Mother of Prevention"--Tom only plays after everyone's gone. (SAC, gen, angst)
"This is How We Roll"--Vinnie Vanlowe is on a mission of mercy here. (SAC, Hanson/Veronica-ish, humor)
"Picking Up the Spare"-- Veronica is a different story. A different species. (SAC, Hanson/Veronica, sexual situations, language, humor)

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