Title: "Two Truths and a Lie"
Author: monimala
Fandom: "General Hospital"
Rating/Classification: AC for language, Skye/Coleman.
Disclaimer: Nope...don't own them.
Summary: An introspective Coleman piece inspired by him missing her "sweet face" during their first encounter in months.

In the course of shmoozing the Deadwood Doll and lying through his teeth to get her to spill her secrets, he actually told a piece of truth.

He's had a shitty year.

Ain't no doubt about it. Between losing the Oasis...all that fucking fire damage... Stalking Miss Daisy...getting shot...blackmailing a creep like Lansing instead of calling 911 on his sick ass... getting involved with a serious whackjob like Cassadine...

Yeah. Crap year. Totally worthless.

There's no telling what kinds of things he would've admitted to if he'd swiped that card away from little Sam and done a few more shots of Cuervo to celebrate.

Like how he regrets working with an idiot like AJ Quartermaine...how he doesn't like stealing candy from babies in tight black leather...

Like how...how seeing Skye messes severely with his head.

How just touching her wipes all the crap away.

How she's the only thing that kept this year from totally tanking.

For the first month after she quit hanging around him, he kept expecting her to walk back into Jake's...to throw down her purse and demand a vodka neat and look up at him with those big brown eyes like he could fix all her problems. Like she needed him after all.

And then he gave up. Not that he's a guy who does that. He's no quitter. Hell, he's been drinking since he was fourteen. He definitely ain't no quitter. But he developed a cash flow problem and hiding from one Mr. Five Hands and drumming up some side business was more of a priority than waiting for her to walk back into his gin joint.

But then she did. Out of the blue.

Okay...to be accurate, he walked in and she was all ready there.

And he didn't lie when he told her it's good to see her. When he told her he's missed her sweet face. And she wasn't lying when the tiny smile flashed on and off her gorgeous lips. When he felt her shiver beneath his hands before she tensed up and remembered they had company.

(Ferdinand? Yeah fucking *right*.)

This might just be the one thing in his sorry excuse for a life that's honest.

He's had a shitty year...but things are definitely looking up.

His luck's about to change and he doesn't need fancy antique cards to make it happen.

All he needs is her.

He's going to have her again. He knows it.

And this time...he won't let her go.



October 22, 2003.

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