Title: "The Act of Naming"
Author: monimala
Fandom: Smallville
Rating/Classification: NAC, futurefic but also filler, Ollie/Lois, Lois/Clark, Ollie/Everybody
Disclaimer: DC Comics, Gough and Millar, etc. I don't own them!
Summary: A filler and future fic for S6's "Justice." 625 words. Oliver offers just the right ratio of "witty and urbane" to "heartfelt and sincere."

Ollie gives the toast at their wedding reception -- the second one, the private one, where no one will wonder how and why two reporters know a handful of jet-setting billionaires, a guy with wings, a far-from-little green man and a cadre of Amazon warriors. He raises the champagne flute and offers just the right ratio of "witty and urbane" to "heartfelt and sincere," noting that Kryptonite has nothing on Lois Lane.

"Have you checked the ring?" Bart calls out, voice slurred from what's probably his sixteenth beer -- damn his speedy metabolism -- and Lois waves her left hand in front of Clark's vaguely glazed blue eyes as he chuckles and assures everyone it's pressurized carbon and nothing else.

When the laughter dies down, Ollie intones, "To Superman and a super woman," smoothly, as if the interruption didn't take place. He's good at that. At the charm school poise and the perfect manners. He's, after all, been doing it for years.

As everyone drinks, he meets her gaze over the rim of his glass.

He watches her smile slip just the barest notch before she looks away and laughs at something Diana says. She files it all away, sends him to the morgue like all her other dead leads and cold stories.

She's good at that. After all, she's been doing it for years.


Clark asks him to be the baby's godfather. He tries to turn it down, even laughs and reminds his old pal that, "I'm not exactly kid-friendly. Sharp Objects R Us, remember?"

Lois looks at him over the bassinet, adding her own sentiments to the request, and he thinks, "God, this kid could have been blond. Could have had my eyes and *that* pleading smile that I can't deny."

Two days later, he and Jonathan are both wearing entirely too itchy collars and trying not to cry, but he doesn't hand his godson over to his godmother until Diana not-so-amiably threatens to lasso him in front of the entire church and spill every dirty secret he has.

"Please," he scoffs, brushing his palm over Jon's downy head one last time before Diana spirits him away for his first lesson in Women are Wondrous and Always Right 101. "As if the whole League doesn't already know about Bruce, Dick and the sauna..."

He ducks just in time to avoid a bat-a-rang but not to escape Lois' look of shock.

As Clark claps him on the shoulder, fondly recalling how he walked in on something "gayer than my first costume," Ollie makes the requisite quip: "Well, I *am* a Queen."

"And Diana's a Prince, so maybe we should've switched godparents?"

"Maybe so," he agrees with a politely sexy laugh.

He strolls off to make things up to Bruce -- it'll involve a lot of Spanish wine, stock options and lube -- and, three years later, when their daughter Chloe is born, Clark and Lois ask AC to do the honors.

He holds Jon in his lap during the ceremony, doesn't let go, and has nothing to spill when Diana ties him up...except that he hasn't been with a girl since his early 20s and The Wonder Twins don't count since they're practically the same person.


Oliver sees all of this when he looks into her eyes. As he's studying her heartbreak, mapping the schematics, and calculating exactly how long it will take her to get over him.

"This is the moment, isn't it?" he whispers. "This is the moment I'll regret for the rest of my life."

She breathes, "Yes." He kisses her and he tastes it. The tart champagne, the powdery sweetness of Jonny's tiny hand wrapping around his finger.

He still walks away from her.

Because he can always look back.


January 19, 2007.

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