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Books and Broadway...

"Absolution"--Noah Clayborne loved and lost once...will history repeat itself when he sees his Heartbreaker again? Will he beg for Mercy?(AC, N/T, N/Other, slash, het, language, humor, angst, adult situations)
"I Get No Kick From Champagne"--Five years after playing the Westing Game...(SAC, T/T, ficlet.)
"In Between"--Character scenes taking place "in between" two of Suzanne Brockmann's SEAL Team Sixteen books. (SAC, various, angst.)
"Mortal Sin"--Co-written with Lex, this takes Julie Garwood's REAL Heartbreaker, Noah Clayborne, and gives him what he really wants.(AC, N/T, slash, language, humor, angst, adult situations)
"Spring Eternal" and "Fall Down"--RENT-er Mark takes more than care of Roger...and we learn why landlord Benny stays with Alison Grey.(AC, angst, M/R, B/A)
"Take Two"--Set after Suzanne Brockmann's Hot Target. Jules Cassidy avoids the limelight. (SAC, language, Jules/Robin-ish.)

Harry Potter

Bollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

"As One"--A missing scene from "Romeo Must Die" where Han Sing and Trish O'Day consummate their budding relationship. Rest in peace, Aaliyah.(AC, H/T, nongraphic smut)
"Down to You"--Nathan Muir has played a flawless "Spy Game" for a friend. Why?(SAC, angst, mild language.)
"Flowering Judas"--Mary Van Helsing is still haunted by the memories of blood.(SAC, M/D, M/S, angst)
"Glide"--Now that she's not "Miss Congeniality" anymore, Grace Hart has to face reality.(AC, G/E, language, angst)
"In That Sleep of Death"--In a lonely "Pitch Black" existence, Riddick thinks about what might have been and what will be.(AC, R/C, R/J, language, nongraphic smut, angst)
"Mirror"--A missing scene from the cable film "Snow White: A Tale of Terror."(NAC, Will/Lilli filler ficlet.)
"Only in the Morning"--One of Danny Ocean's cherished Eleven seems to have a bit of a problem...(SAC, ficlet, angst, slashy.)
"A State of Grace"--Heywood from "The Shawshank Redemption" thinks about life outside.(SAC, angst, adult language.)
"Three Claw Monte"--There's a sucker born every minute. After returning from Isla Sorna, Alan Grant just might be one of them.(AC, language, slash, A/B, angst.)
"Till You Hit The Ground"--Josie Gellar has "Never Been Kissed" and Sam Coulson has never quite lived.(NAC, Sam/Josie-ish, angst.)
"Touchdown"--Lance Harbor, the injured quarterback from "Varsity Blues", has an admirer who loves more than his throwing arm.(AC, L/OFC, humor, romance, adult language, adult situations.)
"Unbidden"--Caught between "The Two Towers" and a hard place, what keeps a warrior going?(NAC, angst, A/L, pre-slash,)
"Unescapable"--A filler for the Houses of Healing scenes and afterwards. "The Return of the King" doesn't matter much to these two.(NAC, E/F)
"Untouchable"--A brief Peter Pan ficlet. Awe and worship... (NAC, Hook pov.)
"Us"--Brian O'Connor is no longer one of the "Fast & The Furious"...can he live with himself?(AC, B/D-ish, D/L, slashy, het, angst, language.)

"Once Upon a Time in Mexico"

"Pirates of the Caribbean"

Random T.V. Shows

"As Much as I Like Purple"--"All My Children"'s Lily is a detective.(NAC, LAid-ish, gen, pov.)
"Black Shadows"--A tag for "Blade: The Series" episode 11, "Hunters." Shen's not that dumb or that brave. (AC, language, pre-slash, ep filler)
"Cast a Shadow"--Set after the "Angel" series finale, "Not Fade Away."(NAC, gen, AU, humor, crossover)
"Catch Me a Catch"--A prequel to the series finale of "Dawson's Creek." How did Jack land his paranoid closeted freak?(AC, J/D, angst, humor, slash.)
"Dry Erase"--Dr. Chase contemplates House.(SAC for language, gen, ficlet.)
"Dust in the Wind"--Just before Darius dies on "Highlander: the Series", he has a visitor.(AC, D/OFC, angst, adult situations.)
"Enumeration"--"Battlestar Galactica"'s Six notes there are no old men amongst the Cylons. Through Season 2.(SAC, gen with a side of Six/Sharon slash, ficlet )
"Eternal Sunshine"--"All My Children"'s Aidan is a cheater just the same.(NAC, LAid, AU, angst.)
"Everglade"--"Summerland"'s Johnny Durant and what's in a name.(AC for language, crossover, gen, ficlet.)
"For Your Eyes Only"--Logan angsts about Max, his unattainable "Dark Angel."(AC, L/M, angst, physicality)
"Forever With You, Forever In Me"-- "Nip/Tuck"'s Christian Troy, "Charmed"'s Phoebe Halliwell; paradise. How could those eyes be so blue and so blank? (AC for language and sexual situations, crossover)
"Fox River Blues"--His fists are tight against his sides. "Prison Break." (AC, language, Sucre/Michael slash)
"Handle With Care"-Three touches, what never was, what is, and what could be. Spoilers through BBC's "Robin Hood" 1.9, "A Thing or Two About Loyalty." (SAC, Marian/Guy, Djaq/Will, Robin/Marian )
"house of horrors"--His hands do everything they're supposed to. "The 4400."(SAC, Jordan/Shawn, Shawn/Liv, angst, slash)
Intervention--"Young and Restless"'s Kevin and God have never been on good terms.(SAC, Kevin/Colleen, some language)
"Letting Go"--"All My Children"'s Ryan Lavery has lost his beloved wife, Gillian. Can her ex-husband Jake help ease the pain?(AC, J/R-ish, R/G, J/G, slash, language, angst)
"Making the Beast With Two Faces"--Cole Turner struggles with his inner demon and his feelings for a very "Charmed" young woman.(AC, C/P, angst, violence, language)
"Mine"--Agent Monica Reyes almost lost her partner on the X-Files...(AC, D/R-ish, angst, language, ficlet)
"Objects in the Rearview Mirror..."--As Gretchen Witter leaves Dawson and his creek, she looks to the future.(SAC, D/G-ish, angst, sap)
"Paris Has It Easy"-- She's no "American Heiress," but this is Loren Wakefield's contribution to the world. (AC for language and sexual situations)
"A Righteous Man"-- "The Stand"'s Larry hears himself humming over the noise of the crowd. (SAC, Larry/Stu, angst, filler fic )
"Standing In"--As Agent Reyes discovers...sometimes it's terribly easy to be someone you're not.(SAC, Doggett/Reyes-ish, angst, shmoop)
"The Sum of Their Parts"--This is Christian Troy's fourteenth mid-life crisis. Filler scene for "Nip/Tuck" S4.3, "Monica Wilder."(AC, language, Christian/Sean-ish, ep filler, angst)
"Their Tails Behind Them"--A tag to "Dukes of Hazzard" season 2's "The Ghost of the General Lee". Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep.(SAC, Luke/Daisy, angst, adult situations.)
"Two Trains Traveling"--"All My Children"'s Lily and Aidan are an unsolvable problem.(NAC, LAid-ish, gen, ficlet)
"Unholy Orders"--A filler scene for the BBC's "Robin Hood" 1.6, "The Taxman Cometh." (SAC for mild adult content, angst, Marian/Guy)
"Unrequited"--"The Black Donnellys"' Jimmy's opinion of Jenny Reilly ain't changed.(AC for language, angst)
With Friends Like These -- It's almost funny, but "Spiderman 3"'s Harry Osborn can't laugh. (SAC, angst, crossover with "Heroes", Peter/Peter/Harry)

"21 Jump Street"



"Cross-Breeding"--Beka flees to the Maru for some clarity about a certain hulking Nietschean.(SAC, B/T-ish, angst, humor)
"A Fast One"--A filler scene for "Into the Labyrinth". Beka plays a game with Tyr...but how high are the stakes?(SAC, B/T, humor, sexual situations)
"Keeping it in the Family"--Tyr, Beka, and Rommie reflect on the nature of relationships.(AC, B/T, angst, language, sexual situations, vague voyeurism)
"Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle"--After S3's "And Your Heart Will Fly Away", Beka has had enough of Tyr's "will he-won't he" hijinks. Hasn't she?(AC, angst, language, B/T, B/Other, sexual situations)
"Prime Directive"--The flip side to "Uncharted Territory". Can "Andromeda"'s weapons officer reconcile duty and desire? (SAC, B/T-ish, angst, language)
"Uncharted Territory"--The "Andromeda"'s first officer thinks about Tyr...who might just come first in her life.(AC, B/T-ish, angst, language)
"We Are All Made of Stars"--Trying to salvage the hideous S3 premiere, what exactly has Tyr become?(AC, B/T, angst, language)

"As the World Turns"

"Days Of Our Lives"

"All That's Fit to Print"--Brandon Walker has abysmal taste in women. Can Harold change his luck?(AC, language, slash, Brandon/Harold, Brandon/Sami)
"Flesh and Bone"--Brady Black considers how the days of his life would be different without his sister Belle.(SAC, angst,)
"Leap Before You Look"--Abby Deveraux will go to any lengths to make sure her parents stay together.(SAC, Abby/Frankie-ish)
"Look Both Ways"--A sequel to "Leap Before You Look." Picks up right where that story leaves off, but from Frankie's POV. (SAC, Frankie/Abby-ish, Frankie/Eve, angst)
"Neverland"--Brady's paralyzing fixation with Chloe Lane makes him take his first real steps.(AC, Brady/Chloe, language, angst, slash implications, nongraphic smut)
"Tethered & Chained"--Cuffs and wrongness go hand in hand for this pair of secret lovers.(AC, UC, angst, language, sexual situations)

"Doctor Who"/"Torchwood"

"divine"--Post-"Parting of the Ways." Rose searches for the Doctor.(NAC, Rose/The Doctor)
"For Days"--A tag to "Torchwood"'s 1.4, "Cyberwoman." Jack encourages her to have a normal life. ( SAC, O/G-ish, het and slash)
"It Goes Without Saying"-- A tag to S1's "Father's Day." This is just a part of them.(SAC, Rose/The Doctor, angst, sexual situations)
"Taking in the Sights"-- Captain Jack Harkness wants to take a look at "Passions" lighthouse... (AC, crackfic, crossover, Luis/Fancy/Jack)

"Dead Like Me"

"All Things At the Last"--Georgia Lass knows. There's life. And death. Neither are perfect. (SAC, George, Mason, gen)
"Burnt Sienna"--A filler for the fourth episode. Mason isn't the sharpest crayon in the box.(SAC, first person, G/M-ish)
"happy hour"--A filler for S2's "Last Call". Mason's hour is far from happy. (SAC, George, Mason, gen)
"Lay Me Down"--This is Mason's resting place.(SAC, George, Mason, gen)
"The Spin Cycle"--A filler for the Pilot ep. George sorts out her laundry.(NAC, second person)
"We All Float"--Mason filler for episode 2.2.(AC, angst, ficlet)

"General Hospital"

"Gilmore Girls"

"Gossip Girl"

"Guiding Light"

"Grey's Anatomy"



"One Life to Live"

"Queer as Folk" (USA)


"The Act of Naming"--A filler and future fic for S6's "Justice." Oliver offers just the right ratio of "witty and urbane" to "heartfelt and sincere." .(NAC, futurefic, Ollie/Lois, Lois/Clark, Ollie/Everybody)
"All the King's Men"--Growing up in "Smallville" didn't shape Lex and Clark's future...something else did.(SAC, CLex, C/Ch-ish,ChLex-ish, vaguely slashy, angst)
"Black Tie Affair"--What's a guy to do when his girlfriend mentions how Clark Kent is totally immune to her naked body? (AC, Clark/Ollie/Lois, slash, PWP)
"Inappropriate"--A filler scene ficlet for "Lineage".(SAC, angst, CLex, slash-ish)
"Only a Man..."--Old friends turned enemies, Lex and Clark, reflect on what has changed and what has remained the same since they left "Smallville".(SAC, CLex, slash, language, angst, adult situations)
"Moth To A Flame"--Now that "Heat" has been generated, will a simple game of pool change things between Lex and Clark?(AC, CLex, slash, language, angst, adult situations)
"Turf"--The requisite filler scene for "Prodigal".(SAC, CLex, slash, angst, ficlet.)


"And in My Hour of Darkness" --It's funny to be talking about time. Takes place after S2's "All Hell Breaks Loose" parts 1 &2.(AC, Dean/Ellen, language, angst)
"another scar will fade"--Tonight John Winchester doesn't much give a damn,(SAC, crossover, gen), and "another scar will take this one's place"--"Roswell"'s Isabel is 'on,' and she can't shut John out. (AC, crossover, AU)
"Always Look on the Bright Side" --She had to chase Sam down, (SAC, Sam/Jess, crossover), and "Sweet Hitchhiker, Won't You Ride?" -- Sam hasn't forgotten Dillon's goddamn Applebee's. (AC, Sam/Tyra, crossover, angst, language)

"Veronica Mars"



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