Title: "Break Like a Promise Made"
Author: monimala
Fandom: "General Hospital"
Rating/Classification: PG, LoCa UST, filler ficlet.
Disclaimer: Nope. Don't own them.
Summary: A simple filler scene for the infamous shaving scene at the Clinica Central that bleeds into the scene that was aired. Nothing more, nothing less. Or so Carly and Lorenzo think. *grin*.

The blade makes a whispering sound as it moves against the coarse grain of his beard, leaving slightly pink skin dotted with shaving cream in its wake. Skin tender like a newborn's. Skin that hasn't seen the sun in years.

Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

His pulse beats strong and calm against her fingertips and he isn't worried at all that the razor will slip. No sweat beads his brow and he holds perfectly still as she leans in to inspect her progress.

He's far more sure than she is.

It would be an accident, of course.

She wouldn't do it deliberately. No, never.

She's still weak and her thumb could slide from the slick black handle. Sharp-smooth metal digging into the ridge of his jaw.

"Y-you have a *lot* of beard," she murmurs, rueful and ragged at the same time. The short hairs on the back of his neck bristle at the brush of her breath.

"I've been growing it for years. So people could tell Luis and I apart." She can feel his smile even though his back is balanced, lightly, against her belly... a blessed barrier between them. "Luis always envied my mustache. He couldn't grow one to save his life." And just as abruptly as it comes, the smile goes.

Facial hair or the lack thereof really had no bearing on Luis's life.

But it may just make the difference for Lorenzo.

Scrape. Scrape.

Dip the blade in water and shake it.

Ignore that her hands are still shaking when she raises them.

"I think..." she says, biting her lip in concentration, "that nobody would ever mistake you for your brother."

"Then you're being naive, Mrs. Corinthos," he chides. "And I know you're capable of far more."

Her fingers linger on his chin as she tilts his head back. "You have no idea...no idea what I'm capable of, Lorenzo."

His smooth cheek is just inches from her lips... she could taste the results of her handiwork with one quick flick of her tongue. The tang of the cream. The fresh skin beneath.

It would be an accident, of course.

She wouldn't do it deliberately. No, never.

"There's still time to cut my throat." He shifts, glances back at her with challenge in his eyes.

And she answers it with her own.

"Don't tempt me."



August 7, 2003.

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