If the word 'queer' doesn't tip you off, "Queer as Folk", based on the British series of the same name, is about a group of gay friends in Pittsburgh and the laughter, love, and tears in their lives. These stories are, for the most part, written as if they would air on the Showtime network--meaning with graphic language and unapologetic Big Gay Acts. There. You've been warned. Again.

"Queer as Folk"(USA) Fic

"and burnt the topless towers..."--A failing business in Port Charles, New York, needs Brian's magic touch.(AC, B/Z, slash, humor, language, crossover)

"Charades"--What was that fateful phone call in episode 122 like?(AC, Michael POV, angst, language)

"Charmed"--An answer to QAFImprov #3. Lindsey and Brian's past defines their present and freezes their future.(AC, Brian POV, B/L, het/slash, angst, language, humor)

"A Creature of Habit"--An answer to QAFImprov #15. Emmett remembers the comforts of home.(SAC, Emmett, angst.)

"Cured"--QAFImprov #6 and a post-210 filler scene. Justin finds comfort in Ted's routine...(AC,language, B/J, T/Bl, angst)

"the dyke, the whore, his twink, and his mother"--A shameless (or shameFUL) S2 badfic starring Brian, Jennifer, and others.(AC, badfic, humor, drug use, language)

"For Anyone"--At the end of the first season, does Brian finally have something to lose?(AC, B/J, angst, shmoop, language)

"For Remembrance"--Takes place during episode 202. Brian, Justin, and the persistence of memory.(AC, Brian POV, B/J, angst, shmoop, language)

"Forever Young"--Answer to a character death challenge. Brian gets his fondest wish...sort of.(AC, B/J,angst, language.)

"Give Me Liberty..."--Brian wants to leave and never look back...but he can't stop turning his head.(AC, Brian POV, B/J, B/L, B/M, angst, shmoop, language)

"Housekeeping"--A tag to episode 302. Nothing more, nothing less. Like Brian and Justin, right?(SAC, B/J, J/E, angst.)

"just pretend happy end"--An angsty filler scene for 208 and also an answer to QAFImprov #5. (AC, B/J, language, angst)

"The Last Dance"--What happened to Justin at the prom could play out many ways. "For Anyone" was one...this is another.(AC, B/J, angst, shmoop, language)

"The Masters"--QAFImprov #12. Twinks in love. So everything's perfect, right?(SAC,language, angst, J/E, B/J implied)

"The Mirror Crack'd"--Why were Brian and Mel such a united front during the green card situation with Guillame and Linds?(AC, B/Mel,het, language, humor.)

"No Such Thing"--Answer to QAFImprov #20, a crossover. How far does one have to run before they escape themselves?(AC, Other, crossover, language, slash.)

"Pillow Talk"--QAFImprov #11. Dialogue-only bedroom whispers...(SAC, J/E, sap)

"Pride Goeth..."--A filler scene for episode 204. How did Brian convince Justin to show his Pride?(AC, Brian POV, B/J, angst, language, humor)

"she dreams in color"--QAFImprov #8. Linds dreams. (AC,language, B/L, L/Mel, angst)

"Small as Folk"--A "Smallville" crossover, written with Minnie. Pretty boys, Babylon, and the answer to the question..."What DOES one wear to an orgy?"(AC, crossover, B/J/L/C, slash, angst, sexual situations)

"sometimes/always/forever"--Justin considers why he puts up with Brian.(AC, B/J, angst, shmoop, language)

"Stupid"--An answer to the QAFImprov #4 for fluff and filler for 207. As fluffy as Brian will ever get about Justin...(AC, Brian POV, B/J, slash, angst, language)

"Twink Descending a Staircase"--An artist remembers...(AC, Justin pov, angst, future fic.)

"why make so much of fragmentary blue?"--Filler scenes for episode 203 inspired by Brian's tenderness towards a struggling Justin.(AC, Brian POV, B/J, angst, shmoop, language)

"Wilt"--Answer to QAFImprov #19. What are Emmett and Brian to each other?(AC, B/Em-ish, language, slash.)

"A World Full of Commoners"--How did Emmett's pilot light turn into a bright, shiny flame?(AC, Emmett POV, angst, slash, language)

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