"Pirates of the Caribbean" Fic

General POTC stories

"All the Way Home"--Takes place after AWE. The ship with black sails always comes round. (NAC, W/E, J/E)

"An Act of Piracy"--"Don't you hate me, Jack? Don't you want revenge?"(AC, J/E, DMC future fic, adult situations)

"A Darker Destiny Besides" and Something Out of Nothing--He asks; she answers.(SAC, Norrington/Ana)

"drink up me 'earties"-- It was always more than that, wasn't it?(NAC, DMC filler ficlet)

"The Edge of the Map"--He'd warned her. Too bad he didn't warn himself.(NAC, Jack gen w/ J/E hints, DMC filler)

"Grace"--Elizabeth is drawn to Jack's scars...(NAC, J/E, ficlet)

"The Inevitable"--"Our destinies have been entwined, Elizabeth, but never joined."(NAC, Norrington, gen, angst)

"Like the Pieces Fit"-- 400 word filler for AWE.(SAC, Jack/Pearl, J/E)

"Maiden's Head"-- This is a strange thought to be having at this particular moment in time.(AC, J/E, adult situations)

"Never Won Fair Lady"--The trip on the Dauntless to La Isla de Muerta provides Elizabeth time for thought.(SAC, J/E, J/N-ish)

"Twinkle"--Yet another answer to the eternal question..."But WHY is the RUM gone?" (SAC, J/E, mild hijinks, humor)

"Twirl"--The sequel to "Twinkle". He really IS a remarkable pirate. *Snort*.(SAC, J/E, mild hijinks, humor)

"Life's Little Quirks"--"Once word leaks out that a pirate has gone soft, people begin to disobey you, and then it's nothing but work, work, work, all the time." (NAC, crossover, general)

"Work, Work, Work"-- Looks like the Man in Black is in for more tutelage from the Man in Black Eyeliner. (SAC, crossover, pre-slash, J/W)

"The Sparrow, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe"--Sort of a sequel to both "Twinkle" and "Twirl" AND the silly "Princess Bride crossover." There was a pirate in her wardrobe...(AC, J/E, mild hijinks, humor)

"...And a Bottle of Rum"
--"Leading Strings"--Will needs to look lively in Tortuga.(SAC, J/W.)
--"What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?"--What DO you do with a drunken sailor? The unthinkable.(SAC, J/E.)
--"A Pirate's Life"--Does one really need a pirate to add spice to a new marriage? (AC, J/W/E.)
--"Not All Treasure"--There are harder things than being a lady. Like being a woman. (SAC, J/W/E.)
--"Davy Jones's Locker"--What *really* haunts Jack and Elizabeth?(SAC, J/W/E.)
--"Have You Ever Considered Piracy?"--Years into the future, a visit to Governor Swann proves illuminating.(SAC, J/W/E, B/A.)
--"And Not a Drop to Drink"--Sometimes all you want is that which you can never truly have.(AC, J/W/E, angst)
--"Here There Be Monsters"--Captain Jack Sparrow does not have the decency to be elsewhere. Or anything but that which he is. (AC, J/W/E, B/A, angst, character death)
--"Before the Storm"--Billy's regrets are many...and one.(SAC, J/E implied, B/A, angst)

The "Pirate Liz" stories

"Burning For a Cause"--She is a witch. She is a whore.(NAC, Elizabeth gen, ficlet)
"For the Wicked"--They meet but once in a while.(SAC, Elizabeth/?, adult situations, AU ficlet)
"Before I Wake"--The little girl cowers.(SAC, Elizabeth gen, future ficlet)

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