Title: "Untouchable"
Author: monimala/Mala
Fandom: "Peter Pan" (the inappropriately sexy one, not the cartoon)
Rating/Classification: no adult content, Hook pov, ficlet.
Disclaimer: I believe he originally belongs to Mr. Barrie.
Summary: Awe and worship...

They watched the Wendy-lady with a combination of awe and worship...as all children adored their mothers. James knew this. He could, in fact, respect that such a lovely little girl commanded this loyalty, this devotion, from such a motley bunch of brats. And Pan...oh, the bane of his existence and the reason for it, Peter...teetering on the brink of manhood and unwilling to make that precious jump over the edge. Oh, but for the love of Wendy. The chaste, untouchable, love.

Boys knew no other kind.

Pirates...oh...pirates did not know the meaning of such a word: chaste. Mother was lover was whore and he wondered if those golden children were still so innocent in their Eden that their nakedness did not shame them.

Where they saw play, he saw plunder.

Where they saw laughter, he saw lust.

Peter's hand upon Wendy's cheek, like a satin glove...he felt it snag against his hook. Catch. Tear.

All children adored their mothers.

As he did, too.

He watched the Wendy-lady...and waited.


April 29, 2005.

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