"One Life To Live" Fic

"Bank"--OLTL's Johnny McBain is a man who gets things done.(AC, J/N-ish, adult situations)

"the blood of the lamb"--What makes John stay away from her? Catholic. Guilt.(SAC, J/N, angst, blasphemy)

"Drawn That Way"--Marcie, Rex, and hate sex. Or at least the *prelude* to hate sex. LOL. (SAC, mild language)

"Finishing Last"--A fifteen second pause as Todd comforts Kelly after Paul's disappearance.(NAC, T/K-ish, angst, filler)

"Fold"--Can John McBain and Natalie Buchanan really beat the odds? "One Life to Live." (AC, J/N, adult situations, language)

"Gone Tomorrow"--John McBain's musings on the fleeting things.(AC, language, J/N)

"In a Handbasket"--Karma's a bitch...and so is being in love.(SAC, R/A, language)

"It Can't Shine All the Time"Rex Balsom knows...sometimes, the only way to survive is to deny yourself what you need.(SAC, Rex/A-ish, Sk/C-ish, angst, cross-over, mild language)

"maybe you're crazy in the head"--A filler fic for Rex giving Adriana a ride home the night of the fire.(NAC, R/A-ish, angst, filler ficlet)

"Minds Innocent and Quiet"--It's not exactly Jailhouse Rock when Natalie winds up in a cell next to him.(SAC, J/N, angst, filler fic)

"Photosynthesis"--A filler ficlet for the 5/12 John/Natalie scenes spanning AC and Llanview. (SAC, J/N, filler scene.)

"Prodigal"--Kevin has Issues. My first time trying to explore them in fiction. (SAC, slash-ish)

"The Road to Hell"--Sort of an informal trip through Rex's thoughts on Adriana. Set during her kidnapping, her return, and the subsequent break-up with River. (NAC, R/A-ish)

"Spaghetti Arms"--She brought him some paint. It *has* to be love. Right? (NAC, J/N, humor)

"Summer Catch"--Plot? What plot? Rex is hot, Adriana is hot, and they're hot together.(SAC, R/A, language)

"Ten Days Wonder"--There's no such thing as an easy mark. An AU after Rex's loan payments are due. ***Story complete, file fixed!***(SAC, R/A, R/L and AdRio implied, angst, adult situations)

"...therefore I am"--For Natalie, mourning comes early after nights out on the town. (NAC, angst, second person pov.)

"Where the Lilies Bloom"--Sometimes, your differences hide what makes you exactly alike.(SAC, RJ/Jess, angst)

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