Title: "Magnolia"
Author: Mala
E-mail: malisita@yahoo.com
Rating/Classification: PG-13, Coleman/Skye-ish, filler for 1/14/05 episode of GH, mention of drug use, and one not-so-nice word.
Disclaimer: Nope, he doesn't belong to me...although he should!

He decides to let the whiny princess go after the phone call. Pretty early on in the game.

A normal guy probably would've picked to off her. Especially since a dame like Hells Bells ain't somebody you want to cross. But he ain't a normal guy.

He hates NASCAR and domestic beer and his favorite memory in the world is the one of a woman first thing in the morning, her skin so white against his flannel sheets that he thought he was looking at Heaven. He's seen "Steel Magnolias" six times. He cried through every six. Of course, he ain't ever admitting that. Not even if Helena brings on the pain and the death for him messing up the job.

Four months. Four months is the longest relationship he's ever had--not counting his bookie, his momma, or his parole officer.

And he ain't going to forget that...even if Skye has. Even if she doesn't know his voice anymore.

He knows hers and that's all that counts. All that matters. That sweet smoky punch to the gut like a lungful of high quality grass.

That's all it takes. All it takes to remember what Skye looks like when she's broken and curled in the bottom of a bottle.

Gorgeous. Lost. Angry and pale and willing. Kinda like Julia Roberts, in fact...that beautiful, dying, grace.

So, he decides to let the little bitch go.

Because there ain't no way he'll see Skye Chandler broken for somebody else to fix.

That probably makes him a world class idiot. Which is fine...'cause in a few hours, he'll likely be a *dead* world class idiot.

Hell's Bells.

He can hear 'em ringing all ready.



January 15, 2005.

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