"21 Jump Street" Fic

"Close Quarters"--They are all in love with Judy Hoffs. Right? (SAC, language, slash, voyeurism)
"Grin and Bare It"--Tag/filler for Season 2's "Best Years of Your Life." It's no wonder he's all talk, without actually saying anything real or important.(SAC, Penhall/Hanson, language, angst, slash)
"Paperwork"--It's been altogether too long since Tom Hanson scored.(SAC, Hanson/Penhall, language, slash)
"What's Left Unsaid"--Set after season one's "Gotta Finish the Riff."(NAC, Ioki/Hoffs-ish, angst)

While I Kiss the Sky
--A crossover series with Veronica Mars. Will life on Neptune help Hanson escape the past?
"Necessity is the Mother of Prevention"--Tom only plays after everyone's gone.(SAC, gen, angst)
"This is How We Roll"--Vinnie Vanlowe is on a mission of mercy here.(SAC, Hanson/Veronica-ish, humor)

The Italian-Polish Mob Princess Saga
--Read at your OWN risk. These are three godawful Mary Sue fics I wrote when I was around 12 years old. I typed them up from faded notebook pages I found in a closet.
"Iron Falcons and Silver Bullets"--(Not Rated, Hysteria Warning)
"Abuse, Abuse"--(Not Rated, Hysteria Warning)
"The McGwire Case"--(Not Rated, Hysteria Warning)

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