Title: "Impossible"
Author: monimala
Fandom: "General Hospital"
Rating/Classification: NAC, LoCa.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine and all dialogue is directly lifted from the 3/2/04 episode.
Summary: Filler for the Slap Heard 'Round the Fandom. This is what *I* think that scene was really about.

His eyes do not well with tears because he is a weak man...because the sting of her palm against his cheek is painful...because she asks him "how dare you?" His lip does not tremble with the knowledge that he has opened himself up to her and she is still locked from him.

Lorenzo Alcazar cries because he is strong, because he is bullheaded, and ruthless. Because he does not know when to give up.

Because it has always been his curse.

He is a student of history, after all. Well versed in the wars of attrition.

He almost smiles at that thought.

As he steadies himself, blinking back the dampness, her words echo across the room where they have all ready made love countless times.

"Did you realize what an impossible situation you have put Sonny in?" she demands. "Yes, he hates Faith, but he loves his children more and he will do anything he can to keep them, including allowing Faith to level everything he has worked so hard for."

Her voice rises and falls, shakes, and in this instant she has forgotten that the 'everything' her husband has worked hard for is what broke her spirit, what drove her away, what hurt her children.

"God, I cannot believe how naive I am!" She rages at him, at herself. "Here, this whole time, I thought maybe you were working to help me, but instead you were working against Sonny." Like every other man she's known. Like Lansing. Even like her precious Jason. "It is just business as usual for you, isn't it? It is not enough that I am here with you willingly." Is she? Is she truly here willingly? Or is she here because she has no other ally? "You have got to destroy the competition. Isn't that right, Lorenzo? Answer me, damn it!"

What can he answer?

What *can* he say?

She is not the only one who has been naive.

Yes, he wants to destroy the competition. Yes, he wants to crush Corinthos like the insignificant gnat that he is. That mean-spirited egomaniac who still makes Carly cry into her pillow at night is worth nothing. What she doesn't realize...what she may never realize...is that working against Sonny is working for *her*.

Her husband is not the only one in an impossible situation.

"You still love Sonny, don't you?" It is a better question than 'When will you love me?'

She moves to him, takes his hand, and if she feels him shiver, she makes no comment. She simply leads him to the sofa...and he allows himself to be led. Her thumb strokes the inside of his wrist with something like regret. Like promises she cannot make.

Lorenzo loves her because he is strong, because he is bullheaded, and ruthless. Because he does not know when to give up.

He almost smiles at that thought.



March 3, 2004.

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