"Heroes" Fic

"100 Days"-- A snippet in the 1.20, "Five Years Gone," universe (ergo, spoilers!). President Nathan Petrelli kills his wife and sons on a Tuesday.(SAC, Nathan, Sylar, dark themes, angst).

"Home and Away"-- A crossover with "Friday Night Lights." Claire hates away games. (SAC, Claire, gen, crossover, AU).

"Special"--When Claire was a baby, she was perfect. (NAC, HRG gen)

"Melt Into the Wind"--A filler fic for 1.10, "Truth & Consequences." West doesn't know what it's like to have someone take care of you.(SAC, Claire/the Haitian, ep filler, angst, AU).

"Now Pull the Other One"--Somewhere in between 1.17 "Company Man," and "1.18, "Parasite." Claire climbs into bed with him on the second night of their journey.(SAC, Claire/the Haitian).

"Praarthana"--415 words. An M3 fic. Mohinder's toys are weird.(NAC, Mohinder gen with a hint of Mohinder/Matt).

"Primogeniture"--An episode tag for 1.19, ".07%." It must be contagious. It must be in their blood.(SAC, Nathan, Claire, gen).

"Seek"--Spoilers for ".07%" and "Five Years Gone." He and Peter seldom speak. (SAC, Mohinder/Peter, slash, adult content, language, AU).

"Sometimes it's Like Dancing"--A tag to 1.23, "How to Stop an Exploding Man." It's funny, but she almost forgets him. (NAC, Claire, the Haitian).

"The Tide of War"-Where is the faith? A filler ficlet for 1.20, "Five Years Gone." (AC, Mohinder/Sylar, slash, adult content).

"Tried and True"-- Filler fic for "Parasite" and ".07%." He does not feel anything except the urgency of taking Peter Petrelli home. .(SAC, Mohinder gen, adult themes, angst, slight non-con references).

The Claire and the Haitian ep fillers

"Even if it's a Lie"--A filler scene for 1.12, "Godsend." His voice is deep and precise.(SAC, Claire, the Haitian)
"Freefall"--A filler scene for 1.13, "The Fix." Each time, he warns her that this is the last (NAC, Claire, the Haitian)
"the melancholy menace of their tone"-- A tag for 2.15, "Run." (SAC, Claire, the Haitian, ep filler)
"The Best Way"--Filler/post ep for 1.17, "Company Man." (NAC, Claire, the Haitian, ep filler)
"Till I Touch the Sky"-- a filler for 2.18, "Parasite." She hears the Haitian speak when he thinks she's not listening. (NAC, Claire, the Haitian, ep filler)

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