Harry Potter Fic

"The Curse No Man Can Bear-- Spoilers HP: DH. An attempt at insight into an ambiguously bi, emo werewolf. (SAC, Remus/Tonks, mild adult content, Remus/Sirius-ish)

"Delay"--Filler for OotP. The longest day of Remus Lupin's life.(NAC, slash, angst, ficlet)

"for nothing now"-- Tag and filler for HP: HBP. He knows, of course..(NAC, gen, angst, crossover)

"Now Her Part is Over"--Post Order of the Phoenix. Before "Paint it Black" and after "Silent Scream. What exactly is the meaning of 'domestic bliss'?(SAC, M/S, S/R, slash, angst,)

"Paint it Black"--A post Order of the Phoenix Molly Weasley ficlet. Contains book spoilers.(NAC, angst,)

"Shards of Erised-- Filler ficlet for HP;DH. He never needs to know their names. (SAC, adult content and mild language, angst, Snape gen, angst, filler)

"Silent Scream"--A filler fic for Order of the Phoenix. Molly Weasley and Sirius Black learn a lesson about house cleaning.(SAC, angst, *spoilers*)

"Wherefore I Threw a Penny"--After the Second War, a day in the life of the remaining members of the OoTP.(SAC, gen, angst, ficlet)

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