"Grey's Anatomy"

"Golden Gate"--Cristina analyzes it. Breaks it down. Looks at the facts. (SAC, ficlet, C/B.)
"The House That Jack Built"--The flip side to "Golden Gate." Burke's reputation precedes him.(SAC, ficlet, C/B.)
"Inbreeding"--Derek Shepherd has nothing to do but wait.(NAC, crossover, gen, ficlet.)
"It Starts With an Earthquake"--A missing scene in 2.17/ "As We Know It." Tonight, he gets whatever he wants with no complaints.(SAC, C/B, angst, nongraphic smut, episode filler.)
"on the edge of greatness"--He had a man's heart in his hands and all he remembers is watching her drop.(NAC, C/B, angst, episode filler.)
"Unwrinkled"--A filler for 3.3, "Sometimes a Fantasy." It always comes down to the panties.(AC, language, sexual situations, A/M, angst, episode filler.)

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