"Gilmore Girls"

"A Beautiful Taste"-- His face is leaner than Dean Forester's.(AC, humor, crossover, Lorelai/Sam Winchester)

"Before a Fall"--Tristan DuGrey gives thought to his prospects.(SAC, angst)

"Even in Enmity"--These two hate each other. A lot. Really.(SAC, angst, language, slash, sexual situations)

"Every Night Has Its Dawn"--A filler ficlet for "A Tale of Poes and Fires." (SAC, Luke/Lorelai, humor)

"The Great Wall of China"--A filler scene for "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days". What is Luke thinking when Lorelai comes back into his diner, his life?(SAC, Luke/Lorelai, angst, humor.)

"Hot Cross Buns"--What if Lorelai isn't the only one who dreams? The only one WITH dreams?(NAC, Luke/Lorelai, angst, humor.)

"In a Perfect World"--A simple Dave and Lane fic...albeit with a little style experimentation.(NAC, Dave/Lane, shmoop, angst)

"Is Paris Burning?"--Paris Gellar bitterly accepts the truth about herself, Tristan, and Rory.(SAC, Paris/Tristan-ish, Rory/Tristan-ish, angst, adult situations.)

"Little Boy, Blue."--Tristan walks the halls of Chilton Academy for the last time.(SAC, Tristan POV, angst)

"Love in the Time of Cauliflower" and "One Hundred Years of Cantaloupe" --Fruits, vegetables, and aluminum foil, oh my! Here's to you, Miz Gilmore, Dean loves you more than you will know.(AC, Dean/Lorelai, humor, sexual situations)

"My Life With Luke Spoons"--Just some contemplative post-ep for the S4 finale. This is how Lorelai measures her life. (NAC, Luke/Lorelai.)

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