Title: "Share and Share Alike"
Author: monimala
Fandom: General Hospital
Rating/Classification: AC, Maxie/Cooper/Logan, adult situations, adult language.
Disclaimer: It's canon, I swear! Okay, so it's not and I don't own them. Whatever.
Summary: 575 words. She knows what they are long before the night she walks in on them.

She knows what they are long before the night she walks in on them. It's obvious.

It's obvious in the way they don't bother talking when a look can say it all and obvious in the way that they never touch except for those pathetic manly shoulder claps like two guys in a locker room. It's clear in their Army shorthand, the brief sentences they trade while passing downstairs at Kelly's about this unit and that Private First Class and whose coffin came back flag-draped this week. It's obvious in the way Logan always bursts in on her and Coop when they're making love and Cooper doesn't flinch… and in the way Logan settles onto the bed like he belongs there and only hits on her as a sleazy afterthought.

They're partners. Not in the politically correct, hokey, civil union way, but in the way that means they share everything, on every level. Combat, congress. (See, Georgie, she did pay attention in school…)

Maxie knows it's probably payback for the times that Elizabeth walked in on her and Lucky last summer… except that she's not Elizabeth and she doesn't run, she doesn't judge. Instead, she crosses the threshold and starts unbuttoning her blouse.

Elizabeth would never have wanted to join in.

She knows Coop is hot, because he's hers. She sees it almost every night, those shoulders straining and that chest beneath her palms. Logan would be hot if he ever shut the Hell up… and that day is now, with him stone silent and bending Coop over the footboard. Logan's arm --she never noticed before how muscular it is-- is around Coop's waist, holding him steady, and Coop's eyes are shut, his fists clutching at the bedspread that she smoothed out just this morning.

She should be horrified. She should be hurt. But Maxie's never been what, or who, she should be, and she can't help it: their sweat-slick bodies, sliding and slapping together, are beautiful to her. And Cooper gasping, "Fuck, yeah, Logan," when he's never even said "Hell," in front of her is the sexiest thing she's ever heard.

"Whoops," Logan murmurs, nudging Coop with his hip, "We've got company, Private Barrett." His eyes are heavy with smug satisfaction and he strokes Coop's chest like he owns it. Like he's marked it. Like he's bitten over her scratches. *Not so fast, Asshole,* she thinks. *That's mine.*

"M-maxie." She knows Cooper blushes all over. She's just never seen it from this angle. He tries to pull away, to shove Logan, but he's trapped between wood and… well, *wood*. "Maxie, oh my God, I can explain…"

"No explanation needed," she assures, shutting the door behind her and locking it. She tries to hold back the giggles and fails. "I think it's pretty cut and dry."

"Coop's cut --which I'm thinkin' you knew-- but I'm not. And I'm hopin' you'll find out," Logan drawls, with a wink that would annoy her if he weren't naked and fucking her boyfriend. "But I can't answer the wet or dry portion of the exam, Darlin'."

She smiles. Her blouse falls to the floor and she's stepping out of her skirt in record time. "Then why don't we leave that to me?"

Minutes later, after she's climbed onto the bed and kissed Coop 'hello,' the boys find out that she's very, very wet. And she finds they do share everything, on every level. Including making her come.


May 30, 2007.

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