"General Hospital"/"Port Charles" Fic

Carly/Jason, CarJax, CarLo,CarSon)

"400:Land of Fire"--4 drabbles, 400 words, that somehow became a bit of a ficlet. Lorenzo tried to glance away...(NAC, LoCa-ish, angst)
"550 (A Pleasure to Burn)"--These started out as 100 word drabbles and then turned into a Jax/Carly fic that takes place in and around the Skye/boatshed incident.(NAC, Jax/Carly, angst)
"Beguiled"--Who knew buying a dozen roses could be so complicated?(NAC, Lo/Ca, angst)
"Blind Man's Buff"--Ruminations shortly after Lorenzo is blinded by the limo bombing.(SAC, LoCa, ficlet)
"Break Like a Promise Made"--A simple filler scene for the infamous shaving scene at the Clinica Central that bleeds into the scene that was aired. Nothing more, nothing less. Or so Carly and Lorenzo think(NAC, LoCa,UST, angst)
"Contagion"--In a very different Port Charles, the more things change, the more they stay the same. (AC, LoCa, Zaxie, AU, violence)
"Contagion: Blood & Jasmine"--A flashback ficlet. How did Lorenzo and Carly come to be where they are?(AC, LoCa, angst.)
"Elegantly Wasted"--How far would you go for the man you love? A Civil War AU told in ten parts.(AC, SoCa, LoCa, S/J, het, slash, AU)
"For Alone I Fear the Tide"--Inspired by Neville Shute's On the Beach. This is the way Port Charles ends. (SAC, Carly/?, AU)
"Free Fall"--This is, after all, still Carly.(NAC, CarJax, filler)
"The House on Memory Lane"--Every summer, he disappears for a few days.(SAC, Carly/?, future fic)
"Impossible"--Filler for the Slap Heard Round the CarLo Fandom. This is who they are.(SAC, LoCa, ficlet)
"In Time"--A filler scene for when Lorenzo thought Carly's plane crashed.(SAC, LoCa, angst)
"A Little Bit Rusty"--Torn between Jason and Sonny once again, Carly can't help but mess up.(SAC, songfic, J/C/S, angst)
"Set Adrift on Memory Bliss--Will a friend's steadfast shoulder help an amnesiac Carly remember...or convince her to keep forgetting? (SAC, Jax/Carly, AU, angst)
"Static"--Captivity and pregnancy make you do crazy things. *Feel* crazy things. A loose sequel to "Land of Fire." (AC, LoCa, angst, adult situations)
"Trickle"--What does a man who nearly died think about? In Lorenzo's case, it's pretty obvious.(NAC, LoCa, angst)
"Throwing Caution" and "Made to Be Broken"--Carly and Jax wake up to an interesting situation...in more ways than one.(SAC, Jax/Carly, mild language, humor, angst, 'shippy)
"To the Loser Go the Spoils"--After Lorenzo helps Carly through her labor pains, they realize something very important. They can't allow this to happen. (NAC, LoCa, angst)
"Unbreakable"--Carly has walked out on him after Marcella's interference. A filler scene.(NAC, LoCa, ficlet)
"What the Medici Saw"--The economic and idelogical causes of Lorenzo Alcazar. (SAC, Lo/Sophie, angst)
"The Winter Palace"--What if things about the two men vying for Carly's heart were very, very different? (NAC, Lo/Ca, So/Ca, AU, angst)
"You Choose a Life"--Another experimental 'what if' story. This is how they met. (SAC,LoCa, SoCa, angst, AU)

All Coleman, All the Time

"Angels With Dirty Faces"--Sometimes, you find strength and support where you least expect it.(SAC, Sk/Co, angst, ficlet)
"Better Latex Than Never"--Coleman learns not to fuck with a crabby OB/GYN.(AC, Co/Kelly, adult situations, humor)
"The Crooked Thing"--Just when Skye thinks she has everything she wants...someone reminds her what she's been missing.(SAC, Sk/Co, angst, humor)
"Dancing in the Dark"--Maxie hates where she's been, Coleman hates where he is. Barbara Jean hates where she is...and AJ hates everything. So where can they go besides Hell?(AC, Co/M, BJ/AJ, angst, adult situations)
"Default"--Sometimes, when you need comfort...there really is none. (SAC,Sk/Co, Sk/N-ish, angst)
"(don't) Save Me the Waltz"--A filler scene for Coleman and Sam's 12/10/04 dance at Jake's. (SAC, CoSam-ish, gen, angst)
"Elegy"--A tag for AJ's 2/16/05 service. If familiarity breeds contempt, what does the lack of it give rise to?.(SAC, Sk/Co-ish, gen, ficlet)
"The Fool's Parade"--What if Skye confessed to killing Ross Duncan? A story told through Skye and Ric's POVs.(SAC, Sk/Co, Ric, cross-over)
"Generation"--Some family ties choke... but sometimes they're all you have. Coleman reflects on his errant nephew Kyle.(AC, Sk/Co-ish, angst, language)
"The Great Port Chuckian Smoke-Out"--Some habits are just really, really, hard to break.(AC, CoSam, humor, adult situations)
"I Wanna Feel the Thunder"--Three years is a long time to be a dirty little secret.(SAC, Sk/Co, language, sexual situations)
"Just This Once"--Are Coleman and Skye just coyote ugly...? Or could it be something beautiful?(SAC, Sk/Co, angst, ficlet)
"Kodak Moment"--A picture is worth a thousand words. Or sometimes a few four letter ones.(SAC, filler ficlet)
"Landfill"--Layers of garbage aren't always what they seem to be. You never know what's really hidden beneath.(SAC, Sk/Co-ish, angst)
"The Love Song of Archie the Gardener"--A filler scene for New Year's Eve 2003/2004.(SAC, Sk/Co, language)
"Magnolia"--Filler for the 1/14/05 kidnapping of Emily episode.(SAC, Sk/Co-ish, gen, ficlet)
"Que Sera Sera"--Some things simply need to be acknowledged.(SAC, Sk/Co, ficlet)
"Seeing Green"--A what-if Skye piece during the Dead Man's Hand.(SAC, AU, Sk/Co)
"Still Nodding Night"--It's a good night. As Whitman would say...a "mad naked summer night." One of the few before Coleman loses everything. (SAC, Cour/Co, mild language, angst)
"Symbiosis"--There's just *something*.(AC, language, ficlet, Sk/Co.)
"Three Blind Mice"--Coleman, Lorenzo, and Stefan. See how they run.(SAC, Lo/Ca-ish, Sk/Co-ish, St/Ly-ish,angst)
"Treat"--A filler for the Halloween masquerade. What if Coleman had been there?(SAC, Sk/Co, humor)
"Two Truths and a Lie"--Because he missed her sweet face...(AC,language, Sk/Co)
"Where The Heart Is"--Skye and Coleman have been on this road for a year-and-a-half.(NAC, Sk/Co, angst.)
"Weep Not For the Memories"--A filler ficlet. Who helps Skye through Lila's passing? How does she find out?(SAC, Sk/Co, angst.)

Have Some Faith!

"Forbidden Fruit"--It's just an alibi, right?(SAC, Dillon/Faith, GQ-ish)
"Into the Woods"--Sometimes she just wants to lean in and lick what's different.(AC, Faith/Zander/Skye, slash-ish, angst, language)
"Let Them Eat Cake"--Plot? What plot? What may have happened in Justus's law office all those years ago...(AC, JustFaith, sexual situations)
"Over the Rainbow"--If happy little bluebirds fly, why can't Faith?(SAC, F/Z-ish, general)
"This is Not a Sob Story"--This is not a sob story. This is Faith Roscoe's story.(AC, angst, violence, disturbing themes)

Gia, Nia, Would Like to Be Ya.

"Just a Hint of Cinnamon"--Nikolas ruminates on why he puts up with Gia.(SAC, N/G, angst, sap.)
"Maya"--A ficlet about illusions, about the tangible shift in Gia that came when Andrea Pearson took over for Marisa Ramirez.(NAC, Gia POV, angst)
"Nirvana"--A continuation of onscreen Valentine's Day lovemaking has Nikolas thinking about the change in his and Gia's relationship.(SAC, N/G, angst, sap.)
"Playing With the Queen of Hearts"--Nikolas gives Gia a ride...or does he get taken on one? Companion to "Two Outta Three Ain't Bad".(SAC, N/G, angst)
"Re.a.li.ty."--Instead of what she's done or what she and Nikolas do together...Gia thinks about who she IS.(SAC, N/G, Gia POV, angst/bitterness.)
"Send in the Clowns"--Playing the bitch is harder than it looks for Gia.(SAC, N/G-ish, angst, language.)
"Soft Focus"--Gia's photo shoot takes a sensual route thanks to her fascination with the Spencer-Cassadine brothers.(AC, N/G/L, nongraphic smut, masochism.)
"Soft Focus II: Snapshots"--It's Lucky's turn to be caught by the camera...and by his brother's girlfriend.(AC,N/G/L, nongraphic smut, angst)
"Two Outta Three Ain't Bad"--Nikolas gives Gia a ride...and a lot to think about.(SAC, N/G, angst)
"Visions of Sugarplums" and "Upon the Midnight Clear"--Sappy Christmas speculation for Gia and Nikolas.(SAC, N/G, angst, sap)

Jason. He slices, he dices, he blinks!

"475:The Ones That Mean the Most"--Jason's feelings for those important to him lead to a different scene on the docks for a doomed Zander.(SAC, Jason, het/slash-ish, angst.)
"All Your Pieces"--Jason and Lucky have a typical confrontation over Liz that quickly becomes very atypical.(AC, J/L, slash, language, angst)
"Fraternity"--Ric Lansing is a twisted, twisted, creature...but what if that runs in the family?(AC, R/S/J, slash, angst, violence)
"Headlights On The Highway"--See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...but can Jason stop seeing his brother's wife?(SAC, J/Co-ish, angst, UST)
"Hurts So Good" and "Scar Tissue" --Zander is very very clumsy...good thing there's someone there to catch him. But all bad things must come to an end.(AC, Z/J, slash, violence, angst)
"Life Lessons"--We know what Liz wants--to have her cake and eat it, too--but what does Jason want?.(NAC, J/E, angst)
"love bleeding"--Jason re-opens an old wound.(AC, adult language, character death, ficlet)
"Of Convenience"--A filler scene, a filler marriage. But is there something real to it?(SAC, Jason/Brenda, angst)
"One True Thing"--There are some things, some roles, you are just used to.(AC, J/S, angst, slash, language)
"Raising Cain"--Jason lost more than his memory in that fateful car crash all those years ago.(SAC, Jason POV, angst)
"Till Death Do Us Part"--Are they really just playing at marriage? Or playing at something else?(AC, Jason/Brenda, language, sexual situations, angst.)
"When You Are Done"--Home is where the heart is...or simply where you lay your head to rest.(SAC, Jason/?)

Lorenzo and People Who Aren't Carly

"Even This Twilight"--Just a short, wistful, Lorenzo piece. Grief is a funny thing.(NAC, MarLo, angst.)
"House of Straw"--Plot? What plot? The big bad wolves are after Connorkolas.(SAC, Lo/Nik/Mary, slash/het)
"how does your garden grow?" and "pretty maids all in a row"--Their lives and lies are no nursery rhyme.(SAC, Lo/Mary-ish, angst)
"Necrosis"--"MarLo in the morgue" would've been better than Lois comforting Lorenzo after Sage's death, someone said on SoapZone...(SAC, Lo/Mary-ish, angst)
"Special Needs"--You steal from Lorenzo Alcazar and you pay the price...(SAC, D/Lo, GQ)
"Structural Integrity"--A filler for 9/9/04, before Lois stops by his apartment. Lorenzo is the last of the Alcazars...(NAC, gen, angst)

Robin Scrubs In...

"all along the waterfall"--So where WERE the good doctors Drake and Scorpio on New Year’s Eve? (SAC, language, R/P)
"Differential"--A transition between Robin and Patrick's disastrous corndogs date on 5/2/06 and the equally disastrous surgery on 5/3/06.(NAC, angst, filler scene, R/P)

"Digestif"--Filler for March 9. This is Patrick and Jax's takes on their evenings out with Robin and Carly at the Metro Court. (NAC, filler, R/P, CarJax)
"Freezer Burn"--Patrick tries to turn Robin's slap into slap and tickle..(SAC, language, sexual situations, filler, R/P)
"Physician Heal Thyself"--Every six seconds, Patrick Drake thinks about....(SAC, language, sexual situations R/P)
"Rotation"--Scenes were cut after Robin refused the serum. Here's my take on what happened in them. (SAC, language, filler/AU, R/P)
"Spike"--In the middle of the epidemic, somewhere between reality and fantasy is where these doctors have to live. (AC, language, nongraphic smut, filler/AU, R/P)
"Stronger Than You Know"--An AU spin on 2/3/06. What if Jason hadn't interrupted and Patrick got Robin into the elevator during the epidemic?(SAC, language, filler/AU, R/P)
"Two By Two"--Robin and Patrick take an educational trip to GA's Seattle Grace Hospital.(SAC, language, crossover, R/P)

Here Lies Stefan Cassadine.

"Bargaining With the Devil"--A re-write of the Stefan/Lydia scene in the tunnels. A broken Stefan's desperate choice.(AC, Stefan/Lydia, angst, adult situations)
"A Touch of Frost"--His pragmatism is perhaps his greatest blessing and his greatest curse.(AC, Stefan/Lydia)
"Ice Castles--Lydia's life sucks beyond the telling of it. Sequel to "A Touch of Frost."(AC, Stefan/Lydia)
"Frozen in Time"--After "Ice Castles." Duty is a terrible, terrible thing.(AC, Stefan/Lydia)
"Thaw"--Fourth in Fire & Ice. Just like the title says...it's a thaw.(SAC,Stefan/Lydia, angst)
"Cold is an Absence"--Fifth and final fic in the Fire & Ice series. Something has been missing from their lives...can Stefan and Lydia find it?(AC, Stefan/Lydia, angst, adult situations)
"Persephone Descending"--Stefan Cassadine has a logistical problem he needs to take care of.(NAC, Emily/Stefan-ish, angst,)

Everybody Else...

"3 o'clock High"--This is where they go to wait...(AU, crossover, language)
"and burnt the topless towers..."--A failing Port Charles business needs a savior. A very unorthodox one.(AC, Other, slash, humor, language, crossover)
"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"--Sonny and Jax together again on Azure Key. Theirloveissotrue!(SAC, Sonny/Jax, pre-slash, humor)
"Crush"--Sometimes, not helping is the best help.(SAC, Zaxie-ish, filler)
"Deep Inside"--Chris thinks about just how much he wants from Livvie.(AC, C/Li, angst, romance)
"For I Have Sinned"--Mr. Craig takes Father Mateo into the wilderness and shows him the riches he could have.(AC, dark themes, angst)
"Godsend"--Do with this what you will.(NAC, gen/darkfic, Lucky/Liz, Manny)
"How About 'Merry Christmas'?"--A morbid take on the outcome of Sorel's holiday hit.(SAC, Z/E, S/C, N/A, angst, character deaths.)
"How to Slash a Soap in Ten Ways"--Ten short, slashy, scenes involving some of the residents of Port Charles.(AC, various, slash, humor, angst.)
"Indulgence"--Nikolas is due for a new experience.(SAC, Nik/Lucky-ish, angst,)
"Malfeasance"--Ric and Alexis's banter takes them to the next level.(SAC, Ric/Alexis, humor, sexual situations)
"The One Less Traveled By"--Milo and Lulu enjoy the same pasttime. Who would've guessed?(AC, MiLu, adult situations, language, humor)
"Our History is Just in Our Blood"--After years of trying to maintain control, Sonny Corinthos is falling apart. (AC, various, slash-ish, angst, ficlet.)
"A Permanent Lock"--Lucky and Elizabeth do a little contemplating as 'their song' brings them together despite their distance.(SAC, L/E, angst, songfic, romance, foof)
"Reasonable Doubts"--A day in the life of a harried attorney ends with insight for her and an embittered cop.(SAC, Alexis, angst, humor)
"Serenity"--Skye has a recurring nightmare...or maybe a dream.(SAC, Sk/N, angst, ficlet)
"Share and Share Alike"--She knows what they are long before the night she walks in on them. (AC, Maxie/Coop/Logan, het and slash, sexual situations)
"Song of the Little Death"-- It's okay. Uncle Manny will tell you a story.(AC, language, violence, filler ficlet)
"Spinning Gently"--A day in the life of everyone's favorite waitress, Penny.(SAC, ficlet)
"Sugar and Spice"--What IS it about Jax that gets under Sonny's not-so-thick skin?(AC, language, ficlet, Sonny POV.)
"Technicolor"--Dillon Quartermaine's life is far from black and white.(NAC, Di/G-ish, angst, sap)
"To Live and Die in P.C."--Five 250 word ficlets about five minor characters getting encephalitis and dying.(SAC, language, violence, angst, gen, filler ficlet)
"The Vigil"--The life and times of a mob henchman...what Johnny thinks about on the job.(SAC, angst, sap, language)
"Waiting to Exhale"--What's a little hyperventilation and sexual tension between friends? Alexis struggles to find out.(NAC, A/S-ish, angst, humor)
"Wash and Fold"--Just a one-shot Lulu/Milo fic taking place after she and Spinelli are rescued by Sonny's men.(SAC, MiLu, adult situations, humor)
"With a Whimper"--This is the way Emily's world ends. Not with a bang but with a... (NAC, Nik/Em, Z/Em, angst)

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