Title: Everglade
Author: monimala
Fandom: General Hospital/Summerland
Rating/Classification: AU, crossover, AC for language, gen.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, names, etc.
Summary: A ficlet that I couldn't get out of my head. Mmmm. It's just too obvious (and, watch, I'll try to do One Tree Hill Chris Keller and Oz Chris Keller next...lol!).

Sometimes, he sits here in the sand, up to his ankles in it, and drinks just because he can. He pops the top of an ice-cold Heineken and remembers sticky Florida nights where the mosquitoes would buzz and buzz and drop in to the half-empty PBR cans littered all over the apartment. The beer goes as stale as the memory, drying on his tongue along with a hissed "fuck!" and he has to glance over his shoulder to make sure that Derrick didn't follow him out. The kid hero worships him. The kid is banking on him being his next dad.

Johnny doesn't know a damn thing about being a dad. All he had was Mom. Grocery money stolen for cigarette runs and a fifth. The discount school lunches and the clothes from the Salvation Army that always seemed to stink of anchovies. Mom who couldn't stay sober long enough to remember anything besides the teenage boy who broke her heart and got her hooked on hash.

He only drinks the one. He's learned his lessons well. He had a great fucking role model. One he's not about to forget.

The guy who knocked up his mom and ran was a serial knocker-upper. Rumor has it that the guy hit the jackpot again with a teenage hooker a few years after he was born. His half-sister, if he can even call her that, lives somewhere in New York. He catches her name in the papers sometimes. Snippets on PageSix. She married some mob kingpin or something and he wonders if she's ever washed the anchovy smell off her skin... if she hates the humidity and still wakes up screaming sometimes, terrified that the mosquito netting is going to suffocate her.

He wonders what she'd say if he showed up at her door. If he offered to sell her a sweet beach house in Playa Linda with a side of long-lost-family. He'd watch her face as she did the math...as she figured out that if dear Daddy fathered her at 19...that means he fathered him at 15. Overachiever. Really. One that apparently didn't know how to use a condom.

When Derrick figures out what sex is, Johnny is going to lock him up and throw away the key. It's all ready too late for Bradin and Nikki...but he makes sure to stick boxes of Trojans in strategic places all over the house. When he finds the count low, he prays that it's Jay who's been actually using them. Kids. Jesus Christ, he's in charge of somebody's kids.

And he loves them.

He wants to give them everything.

Because all John Durant ever gave him was a name.


February 10, 2005.

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