Title: "divine"
Author: monimala
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Rating/Classification: suitable for all audience, Rose/Ten (and Nine), angst.
Disclaimer: Russell T. Davies is my new god.
Summary: Post-"Parting of the Ways." (1.13) 175 words.

Rose searches for the Doctor in corners. In shadowed alcoves of the TARDIS. Even when he's right in front of her. She peers into the arches of his eyebrows and the slant of his lips and tries to find him.

He doesn't have the heart to stop her. Well, really, he's got two. But neither of them want to stop her either.

He lets her look. He lets her sift through his pockets and between his fingers as he waggles them so she'll hold his hand.

He reckons his face'll take some getting used to. It always does. Different shape, different shadow. Oh, Rose Tyler, he wants to tell her…I'm still me. Fantastic as always. Dashing. Charming dancer. All that. You'll see.

But she'll have to settle on that in her own time.

Which they've got loads of, really.

So he pushes back her hair and he laughs at her nose and her eyelids and he kisses her as a stranger might…hoping she'll find at least a ninth of what she's searching for in that.


April 23, 2006.

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