Title: "We All Float"
Author: monimala
Fandom: "Dead Like Me"
Rating/Classification: AC for language, Mason, ficlet.
Disclaimer: Nope, this character isn't mine!
Summary: A post-ep/filler for 2.1, 'Send in the Clown.'

The bite of the liquor is sharp, hot, and he shudders as it goes down. He closes his eyes and feels the burn and it almost comes back up because he hasn't been dry nearly long enough and it's a tease, a "well, go on, then" that he's not sure he wants to follow through.

He still feels the stretchy balloon material...the slippery slide and his fingers getting caught...the sense of handling an over-sized rubber, so it seemed only fitting to mold it into something obscene and not remotely rabbit-like.

He touched L. Sondheim, too. The slippery slide and his fingers getting caught.

And he molded him into something obscene.

He's all ready something not remotely human-like himself.

He wonders why the fuck he wanted Roxie's eggs this morning and struggles to keep the remnants of them down.

He's not as stupid as everyone thinks.

He's worse.

And about to get rip-roaringly stupider.

He drains the bottle and stumbles onward, the rouge on his cheeks caked like blood.



August 2, 2004.

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