Bollywood Movie Fic

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

"Nothing But Net"--Anjali is never afraid to take the shot.(NAC, Anjali/Aman-ish, future fic.)

"The Art of Compromise"--Aman counts how long it's been. A companion piece to "Nothing But Net."(SAC, Anjali/Aman-ish, future fic.)

"Two on Two"--When Anjali is nineteen, she finds the perfect way to get Aman back on her turf. (SAC, Anjali/Aman, future fic.)

Various Movies

"Hindsight"--Malik's "Company" has fallen apart...all one man can do is remember when things were whole.(AC, C/M, language, slash, angst, some Hindi dialogue)

"a house on the sand"--After the events of "Dil Chahta Hai," Sid hears and listens….(NAC, Sid/Deepa, angst, futurefic)

"how much can you drink?"--One Kaante leaves the roses behind and goes on holiday. (AC, language, slash/het, filler, some Hindi dialogue)

"Playing For Keeps"--Sheetal wonders if her own "Khiladi" will ever wake up and see what's right in front of him.(SAC, S/B, angst, implied drug use, some Hindi dialogue)

"A Thousand Tiny Daggers"--For "Rang De Basanti"'s Laxman and Aslam, each time, it's like this.(SAC, filler ficlet, A/L slash)

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