Title: "Unrequited"
Author: monimala
Fandom: The Black Donnellys
Rating/Classification: AC for language, angst, Jimmy, Jenny Reilly.
Disclaimer: Paul Haggis, NBC, etc. I do not own them.
Summary: 375 words. Jimmy's opinion of the girl ain't changed.

Jenny Reilly is a fucking cunt bitch. Jimmy says this Tommy just once before Tommy punches his lights out. And this is when Tommy's fourteen and barely old enough to piss straight. Of course, Tommy also looks like he's gonna cry as he does it and even sits there waiting for Jimmy to wake up and beat his ass. Which he does. Ma doesn't even punish him for it, since all he has to say is, "Tommy hit first."

Some ten years later --give or take a few, it's hard to tell with all the drinking he does-- Jimmy's opinion of the girl ain't changed. She's a fucking cunt bitch. She walks around that diner like she's Princess Di, too good for every Donnelly except the one that draws her picture on cocktail napkins and kiddie menus. Jenny thinks her shit don't stink. She thinks the same about her taste in guys. Like that husband of hers isn't rotting it up in a sewer drain somewhere. Like her precious Tommy ain't got blood on his hands.

He hates watching her walk into the Firecracker. All dainty. Like her shoes are gonna stick to the floor. Like something in the place is going to rub off and taint her. He hates how she looks over him, past him, unless he gimps off the barstool and then she looks away real quick so he won't see the flash of pity in her eyes.

That's right. Jimmy ain't pretty. He ain't an artist. He doesn't say "please," and "thank you," and hold the door for her. He's broken and he's a drunk and he says, "fuck you, Jenny," instead of "hello."

Sean loved her first. 'Cause Seanie loves everything and anything as beautiful as he is. He was, like, four at the time. Kevin asked her to go steady when he was eight. But, by then, it was all Tommy for her and she wasn't havin' anyone else. And Tommy's got her now. No matter how hard he pretends different. She's got his number.

But Jimmy… he'll have her last, whether she knows it or not.

Her last breath. It's his. *His* name.

And she'll look away real quick so he won't see the pity in her eyes.


March 5, 2007.

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