"As the World Turns" Fic

"Angels Dancing"--Another look into the mind of Dusty Donovan. Set somewhere in between kidnapping #1 and #2. (SAC, D/L, angst)
"The Book of Love"--Lucy's story is still being written.(SAC, D/L, future fic, AU angst)
"Breathing Lessons"--The flip side to "Book of Love." This is how Dusty passes the time.(AC, D/L, AU, angst)
"Dust and Shadow"--Filler for Dusty and Nikki going to rescue Lucy from the site where Wade buried her alive.(SAC, D/L, angst)
"a fortune in feelings"--Nick Kasnoff is dying. It's pretty much self-explanatory.(SAC, language, angst, Mike/Nick slash)
"Liberation"--Dusty's way out of line.(SAC, D/L, angst)
"Only a Whisper"--Lucy muses about her favorite sounds. (NAC, D/L, sap)
"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"--Everybody knows Dusty Donovan's a pit bull, right? He doesn't let things go, right? (SAC, D/L, angst)

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