"Alias" Fic

"Angels & Ropes"

"Angels & Ropes"--What if Mr. Sark is living several lives? And he has to choose between them?(AC, Sark/Other, angst, violence)
"London Fog"--A bizarre interlude between "A&R" and "Sunlight in...". As per Te's challenge...getting Ethan somewhat laid.(AC, Sark/Ethan Rayne, crossover, ficlet)
"Sunlight in the Mirror"--Mister Sark chose angels. The problem is...he might live to regret it. (AC, Sark/Other,crossover, angst, violence.)
"Half in Shade"--What once was Sark is now becoming...something else entirely. (AC, Sark/Other, crossover, angst)

"Daddy's Girl"

--Robin Dixon finds that one incident is enough to shape an entire life. Maybe more.
"have the lambs stopped screaming?"--Filler ficlet for S3's "Taken." It's not the destination, it's the journey.(SAC, Sark/Robin non-ship, mild language)
"Happy Accidents"--It causes a lot of confusion. People stopping, squinting at her.(SAC, Robin/Other, gen, future fic, mild language)
"Equity"--Another day in the life of a grown Robin Dixon.(NAC, Robin, mild language)

Stand Alones

"A Half Circle of Hell"--Vaughn is not just a handler...he's a watcher and a listener.AC, V/S-ish, A/S-ish, femslash, angst, sexual situations)

"Ain't That a Kick in the Head?"--Filler for S3's "Blood Ties." Vaughn torture of a different kind! Yay!(AC, Sark/Lauren, Vaughn pov, sexual situations)

"Beyond the Pale"--A ficlet that picks up after S3's "Solace". Together, they blend.(SAC,Sark/Lauren, angst, future fic)

"Bittersweet Nothings"--CIA Agent Vaughn ruminates on what it means to live and die for a cause. (SAC, V/S-ish, angst, language)

"Blessed Be The Ties That Bind"--A filler ficlet for "A Dark Turn", 2.17, with my own spin on Irina and Jack's motivation. (SAC, J/I, angst)

"The Brave Little Toasters"--An answer to Corngirl_Jo's request for Sarkney fic that includes or is inspired by the line "It's all about the toaster." (SAC, S/S-ish, humor)

"Clean"--Sydney tries to wash away the pain.(SAC, S/V-ish, Syd POV, angst)

"Deny Thy Father"--A filler ficlet for S3's "Remnants." Sark and his daddy issues.(NAC, Sark)

"Ever After"--Angst drips from that furrowed brow. Quite possibly for the last time.(NAC, V/S-ish, angst)

"Faded Photographs"--Vaughn bought Sydney a present in "Spirit". What brought that on?(NAC, V/S-ish, angst, shmoop)

"Fruition"--After 2.14, "Double Agent." You never know who's watching... or what it is they see.(AC, angst)

"Inferno"--Sydney and Shepherd are safe from their demons now, aren't they?(SAC, S/S-ish, angst, language)

"The Knowing"--A filler scene for the end of 1.11, "Confession." Vaughn's thoughts. (AC, S/V-ish, angst, language)

"A Map to Nowhere"--A filler ficlet for S3's "Nemesis".(SAC,Sark/Allison, angst, language)

"Nacimiento"--Everything begins with birth(NAC, Jack, angst, sap)

"Nomenclature"--A Lauren Reed ficathon entry for vaznetti. Vague spoilers up through S4's "Legacy." (AC, Lauren pov, gen, slash/het implications)

"Nor Iron Bars"--An answer to the February challenge at Cover Me, http://www.smashed-peaches.net/cover. Freudian mechanisms, a scene with Vaughn, and a dream sequence.(AC, angst, I/J, I/V-ish)

"Nothing Is the Better Hand"--Mister Sark is smooth and blank and carelessly kind.(SAC, angst, ficlet)

"Pirouette"--Just another day on the job...(NAC, V/S-ish, angst, shmoop)

"Scarlet Starlet"--Someone has an unsettling weakness. *Several* unsettling weaknesses.(SAC, angst)

"Silent Reverie"--Vaughn realizes that Sydney is more than just a woman with an "Alias."(SAC, Vaughn POV, V/S-ish, angst, language)

"There Again Today"--The past, the present, the future, and The Man Who Wasn't There. Sydney's lives come full circle.(AC, S/V-ish, angst, language)

"The Witching Hour"--A post-ep ficlet for S3's "After Six." Just two people on the job.(AC, Sark/Lauren, violence, sexual situations)

"Wonderland"--Sydney got Weiss in the divorce.(SAC,Syd/Weiss-ish, angst, language)

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